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Our Teaching


Our approach

It is our firm belief that education shapes futures and changes lives. Education is an immersive and interactive process in which students explore new ideas and ways of thinking, and discover their own unique skills and interests. All of our courses, from the topics they cover to the way they are taught, are carefully designed by experts to reflect changing education systems, changes in industry, and changes in the world in which our students learn and live. It is this constant and committed innovation that sets us proudly apart.

Reaching your potential

We are committed to providing summer programmes that expand your horizons and inspire you to reach your individual potential. We recognise that the world is changing quickly and that the only way to prepare you to excel is to respond quickly to these changes ourselves.

Our courses

We recognise that every student has their own strengths and ambitions, and our huge range of courses is designed to reflect this. Our courses will help you to master core subjects such as Physics and Mathematics, or challenge you to extend existing interests in Creative Writing or Film. Our courses will inspire you towards aspirational futures including Business Enterprise and Leadership, while others will prepare you for specific professions such as Law and Medicine.

All of our courses are designed by our own expert faculty and updated every year to reflect changes in knowledge, industry, and university requirements. This means students are always working on the most up-to-date case studies, cutting edge scientific advancements and the latest technologies.

Our classes

We know that you will learn best when you are challenged and engaged and our classes are carefully designed to promote interactivity.

Our ideal class size is between 10 and 15 to ensure an exciting ‘buzz’ and opportunity for discussion and debate, balanced with plenty of time for individual attention. You will enjoy the unique opportunity to study with a diverse international mix of peers, helping to expand your own understanding and challenge your world views.

Our teachers

Our teachers are educated at the world’s best universities and many now teach in these same universities and are leading lights in their fields. They are committed to the Oxford Royale philosophy, infectiously enthusiastic, and are experts in bringing out the very best in students of all backgrounds and abilities.

Achievement and assessment

Each course will require you to submit one formal written piece and one presentation for assessment. At the end of your course, you will receive a full written report which includes your grades, highlights your specific achievements, and offers suggested next steps for future learning. At the end of your course you will take part in a formal graduation ceremony and you will receive a Graduation Certificate.

Skills for life

Students and teachers alike consistently praise the energy and excitement of an Oxford Royale classroom. Not only will you learn about your specific subject, you will also benefit from renewed enthusiasm for learning, an increased appetite for debate and discussion and an improvement in your self-confidence. As you learn, you will hone your study skills, your presentation skills, and your organisational skills, all in the knowledge that these skills will serve you well whatever path you choose to pursue in life.

And it doesn’t end there…

It is extremely important to us that learning is not confined to the classroom or lab. When not in lessons, you might be directing a play in the college quad, leading a team through a business challenge, touring an ancient archaeological site, or even just getting ready for a party with friends – all of this makes up an Oxford Royale summer and is every bit as important as the lessons!

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