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Our Students

At Oxford Royale Academy we pride ourselves on the vibrant and diverse international mix of our student body - in 2019, ORA welcomed students from over 170 nationalities!

Join students from over 170 nations at Oxford Royale Academy

One of the best things about attending one of our summer schools is the opportunity to make friends with and learn from students from all over the world. Having so many bright and brilliant young people from across the globe sharing a classroom makes for insightful debate and fosters in our students an increased awareness of and sensitivity to other cultures and their position in the world as global citizens.

We welcomed students from over 170 nations to our summer schools in 2019 and we hope to beat that record this year!


Providing ambitious students with a head-start to success

All ORA students share the goals of broadening their horizons and unlocking their full potential. Many of our students go on to achieve incredible things, both in education and in their career.

ORA students have gained places at top universities including those of Oxford and Cambridge; gone on to take leading roles in Fortune 500 companies; and have entered competitive professions like Medicine, Law, Engineering and many more.

Where could your time with ORA lead you?


What our students say ….

Ellie, Wales UK

Student at our Oxford Summer School, Broadening Horizons Programme

“Studying at Oxford was a dream come true. To live and study like a university student enabled me to gain a valuable insight into what attending a prestigious university would be like. The counselors were extremely friendly and were always keen to join in with the activities. Their approachable manner meant that if anyone ever did have a problem, they always had someone to confide in.”


Parent feedback

Edward, father of Ethan, USA;

Student at our Oxford Summer School, Broadening Horizons

“Ethan spent 4 weeks at ORA between Yarnton Manor and St Catz. He really enjoyed the classes and learned a lot. More importantly, he now has friends that he is in almost constant contact with from all over the world. They are planning a reunion somewhere in Spring!! What an experience for a 17 year old, I’d recommend it to any parent of a child who likes to learn and visit the world.”


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