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Oxford Royale

A Summer of Fun

The Summer of a Lifetime

Welcome to Oxford Royale, where extraordinary learning meets unforgettable experiences. As a global leader in academic summer programmes, we pride ourselves on providing our students with not only top-tier education but also exclusive events and excursions that elevate their summer school experience to new heights.

Dive into a world of discovery and adventure as we take you on a journey beyond the classroom, where every moment is crafted to inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impression. Join us as we explore the unparalleled opportunities that await you on campus at incredible locations in the UK and USA.

Exclusive Events

With Oxford Royale, we understand that these two weeks are an opportunity to truly enrich our student’s lives and provide them with exclusive events to expose them to new academic, cultural and social opportunities!

Oxford Royale at the Ashmolean Museum

Our students enjoyed an exclusive evening at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The Ashmolean Museum, located in the heart of Oxford, is one of the oldest and most prestigious museums in the world. Founded in 1683, it boasts an extensive collection spanning thousands of years of art and archaeology from across the globe and offered our students a captivating journey through human history and culture.




Oxford Royale at the Natural History Museum

Our students enjoyed this architectural marvel last summer, which is home a vast and diverse collection that celebrates the wonders of the natural world! From towering dinosaur skeletons to intricately preserved insects, the museum’s exhibits offer a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of life on Earth, with interactive exhibitions from experts in their field.

The Great Debate with Helen Sharman

Every year Oxford Royale hosts exclusive talks for our students, delivered by industry experts and professionals at the height of their careers. Last year our students experienced a once in a lifetime talk from Helen Sharman, the first British person in space! Helen Sharman explored themes of space travel and the future of humanity, inspiring our students with her story.

Unmissable Excursions in Incredible Locations

Oxford Royale hosts summer schools on campus at some of the best universities in the world: the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and Imperial College London in the UK, and Yale University and the University of California, Berkeley in the USA.

We help our students explore these incredible locations, from weekend excursions to some of the most exciting cities in the world, cultural exploration guided by our teams, and visits to iconic destinations.

Experience New York with Oxford Royale

Are you ready to immerse yourself in one of the world’s most exciting cities? Our students on the campus of Yale University will embark on an extraordinary excursion to New York City, a metropolis teeming with energy, diversity, and endless possibilities.

From the iconic skyline with towering skyscrapers to the bustling streets alive with the rhythm of urban life, New York City is a captivating blend of cultures, cuisines, and experiences waiting to be discovered.

Experience San Francisco with Oxford Royale

Join Oxford Royale on campus at UC Berkeley and dive into life in San Francisco, where innovation meets tradition, and every moment is infused with the spirit of adventure. From visits to the Golden Gate Bridge, an iconic symbol of this vibrant city, to baseball games and visits to art galleries, hiking the historic redwoods of California, and enjoying the beach with your new friends.

Experience life in the UK

Our students on campus in the UK experience life in this vibrant location with their new friends. Our programmes are designed to help students gain a taste of life on campus at their chosen location, but also help them explore the destination through guided tours, visits to local areas of interest, and enjoying fun social activities with their new friends!



Experience life in the USA

Whether you join us in New Haven, a historic university town steeped in history, or in Californa in the heart of tech innovation, Oxford Royale will help our students make the most out of their two weeks with us. From excursions and activities, parties and celebrations, all the way to walking tours with their new friends.

Celebrate in style at your Oxford Royale Graduation

After a summer filled with learning and discovery, our students experience an unforgettable send off at their graduation ceremony, followed by a formal dinner and final party. With their new friends from all around the world, this is the perfect end to an unforgettable summer.

Graduation for ages 13 to 15

Oxford Royale’s graduation ceremonies for 13 to 15-year-olds are memorable celebrations of academic achievement and personal growth. Amidst the historic backdrop of Oxford, Cambridge or Yale University, students receive certificates of completion, marking the culmination of their summer school experience. With proud families in attendance, these ceremonies are not only a recognition of accomplishments but also a testament to the friendships formed and the knowledge gained.


Graduation for ages 16 to 18

For ages 16 to 18, their graduation ceremonies are unforgettable milestones in their academic journey. Surrounded by peers, mentors, and proud families, these ceremonies celebrate not only academic achievement but also personal growth, leadership, and the promise of a bright future ahead, especially for our older students who are embarking on their next steps.

Oxford Royale Graduation at Yale

No matter what location our students choose, they will experience the same incredible celebration. Experience our graduation on campus at Yale University for yourself, and immerse yourself in the spirit of achievement and success. Hear from both students and staff at the end of their academic programme.

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