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Oxford Royale prepares students for their futures in academia, business, law, medicine, Fortune 500 companies and more. Get started by choosing your Oxford Summer School course from over 100 options spanning academic subjects, careers, learning English, and more.

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Often imitated but never replicated, Oxford Royale Academy’s signature summer schools offer a sample of authentic, world-leading university environments. Living and learning in residential colleges, taught by outstanding academics on our unique triple-accredited courses, you will make friends for life and join an empowering global community of 25,000 students from more than 150 nations.

Born in Oxford but now with over 15 different residential colleges in seven outstanding study destinations across the UK and USA, Oxford Royale Academy offers students the chance to experience life and make real academic progress in some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

  • The Oxford Royale Experience

  • Cambridge Summer School

  • London Summer School

  • St Andrews Summer School

  • Yale Summer School

  • Summer School for Juniors

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The Leading Campuses of the World

Our summer campuses are located in only the very best educational destinations around the globe, from our home in the prestigious university city of Oxford, UK, to Yale in the USA

Ages 12-19+

Oxford Summer School

On the campus of Oxford University
Ages 13-18

Cambridge Summer School

On the campus of Cambridge University
Ages 16-18

London Summer School

On the campus of Imperial College London
Ages 16-18

St Andrews Summer School

On the campus of St Andrews University
Ages 14-18

Yale Summer School

On the campus of Yale University
Ages 8-12

Summer School for Juniors

St Mary’s & Uppingham Schools
Ages 19+

Summer School for Adults

Education for students aged 19+

“I have gained more knowledge, and can therefore make more of an impact on the world… my future goals have become clearer through ORA.”

Nia, Belize

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