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Campus and Teaching Roles

2023 Summer School Dates:
2nd June – 12th August

Each year we look for enthusiastic, passionate and professional individuals to apply for pastoral and teaching positions at our award-winning summer schools in Oxford, Cambridge and London. We are also very excited for our Yale Summer School in 2023, and are looking for individuals with a US passport or visa to build our these Campus Teams.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a leading education company and these roles suit those looking for a rewarding summer job working with international students aged 13-18 and a hardworking team of passionate and enthusiastic staff.

Teaching Faculty Roles

At Oxford Royale, we are passionate about providing the highest possible quality of teaching to challenge our students academically. Our expert teachers use interactive learning techniques to cultivate engagement and active contribution, and inspire students with excellent subject knowledge and use of up-to-date resources. We have teaching roles available in all subjects, including Medicine, Engineering, Law, Creative Writing, Architecture, and many more. We welcome professional teachers, those with teaching experience, and advanced academics keen to inspire the next generation of students in their field. We also look for Guest Speakers to deliver one-off or multiple short talks as part of our academic enrichment programme.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Pastoral and Leadership Roles

Not only responsible for the students’ safety and well-being, but also for their enjoyment and academic achievement, this team provides students with enduring memories and makes their stay with ORA the trip of a lifetime!


We have roles available in July and August at all our campuses in Oxford, Cambridge and London. We are also very excited for our Yale Summer School in 2023, and are looking for individuals with a US passport or visa to build our Yale Campus Team.


The Campus Teams are key to building a smooth and unforgettable student experience, which requires commitment on what can be intensive and long working days – all our roles work on the expectation that you are available 7 days a week. All Campus Team members are supported by Campus Management and Head Office teams, and this role includes the opportunity for great personal and professional development. There are different roles available to suit your skills and experience:



As the first point of contact for students, Counsellors are responsible for the everyday well-being of our students while they spend time on campus, on trips and during activities. Counsellors are involved in the planning and delivery of extra-curricular activities (sports, debates, games, socials, trips etc.) as well as being supportive to the students as they navigate their time on the summer programme.


Junior Deans

Junior Deans are responsible for leading Counsellors in the day-to-day implementation of the social and activity programme, as well as the general supervision and management of the students while they are on campus, on trips and during activities. The role demands a high level of organisation and responsibility and a real interest in working with international students.



Administrators provide support to the team, ensuring that the academic operations run at a high standard throughout the summer programme. Through the daily maintenance of registers, lesson plans, class handouts, reading assignments, and the proofreading of final student reports, Administrators ensure that teachers are fully prepared in their delivery of high-quality academic programmes.


Programme Coordinator

Programme Coordinators provide vital support to the Operations Team with pre-summer planning at our Head Office (from May onwards). On campus, they support the Programme Director and all the members of the Campus Teams in the running of the programmes by controlling all administrative and system processes.


Assistant Programme Director

Assistant Programme Directors support the Programme Director in delivering the academic programme by managing the teachers, ensuring that academic equipment is available, preparing teachers for field trips, and monitoring the quality control of accrediting bodies.


Programme Director

Programme Directors manage the campus team as well as the body of international students to ensure that the high expectations of academic delivery, safety, welfare, organisation, and general student enjoyment are met. They oversee the organisation and execution of academic classes and social activities, respond to queries and concerns from parents and manage the day-to-day demands presented by students. The Campus Team looks to the Programme Director for guidance on matters of welfare and student discipline.


Please email [email protected] with any questions.

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Endrit Shabani

Law & Politics Teacher, 2016 - 2022

At ORA I have found a vibrant international community, composed of bright young students, who are eager to learn and amazing fellow academics, who are very passionate about their academic disciplines.Teaching at ORA has helped me grow professionally, by encouraging me to think creatively in teaching the next lawyers, economics and world leaders.

Blanka Holigova

Racing Extinction/Politics & International Relations, 2017 - 2022

The six years I have worked with Oxford Royale Academy have been the finest in my teaching career. Excellent students from all around the globe, spectacular premises for the classes and outstanding organizational support network make Oxford Royale Academy the first-class summer school that both students and teachers wish to be part of.

Costas Constantinou

Programme Director

ORA Summer School has now become my second home. As a school leader, making sure we provide the best learning environment for all the young people in my care to achieve and thrive academically is precisely what we do at ORA. Being part of a forward-thinking organisation that provides outstanding short courses and the very best pastoral care to so many students around the world, makes this a very special place.

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Our dedicated team of staff is the key to our success, and we are always looking for bright, motivated and creative individuals who share our passion for education and for providing an exceptional service.

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Key Information

We will be delighted to receive your application to work with us at our summer schools and value your time and effort taken to apply for this role. We therefore ask that you please only apply for a position if you are certain of your ability to commit your time to the duration of our sessions this summer, as any short-notice cancellation of your participation will be difficult for our team who work so hard to put together an extraordinary summer experience for our students. Should you have any concerns or questions about your employment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our recruitment team who are ready to help in every way they can to ensure this is a smooth and enjoyable experience for you too.


We incorporate equality into all we do, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships. Appointment is contingent upon successful completion of a background check, satisfactory references, and proof of eligibility to work in the UK. We reserve the right to end our employment agreement with you should the results of the above prove unsatisfactory.


We have a very limited number of residential positions available for Campus Team members, and so cannot guarantee that you will be provided with a room during the summer. In the first instance, please make your own arrangements for commuting to campus or finding alternative accommodation should you not live in Oxford, Cambridge or London. Some Campus Management positions will, due the nature of their job requirements, always be residential.

Oxford and Cambridge:

  • Session 1: 2nd July – 15th July 2023,
  • Session 2: 16th July – 29th July 2023,
  • Session 3: 30th July – 12th August 2023


  • Session 1: 3rd July – 15th July 2023,
  • Session 2: 16th July – 29th July 2023


  • Session 1: 2nd July – 15th July 2023,
  • Session 2: 16th July – 29th July 2023

Our courses have all been carefully designed by subject experts who have put together a curriculum based on the most up-to-date developments in the field. All teachers will be given teaching materials in advance of the course which include a Teacher’s Guide (including lesson plans, suggested activities and assignments), as well as Powerpoints, handouts and workbooks (where required).

Although extensive material is provided, it is expected that teachers will spend time preparing for each lesson, adapting the course materials to the students in their class (both in terms of ability and interest), and bringing their own expert knowledge for the course.

Teachers will receive soft copies of the teaching materials on the signing of the summer contract, and hard copies will be provided on the first day of lessons. Teachers must bring their own laptops with them when teaching.

Training varies depending on the role that you will be undertaking. There are mandatory online training modules that all staff members (including both new and returning campus and teaching team members) must complete before commencing employment as part of our commitment to safeguarding our students.

There are also in-person training and induction days (days and length of sessions vary depending on roles).

All staff members will be provided with their role handbook which they should familiarise themselves with before starting employment, and staff will be invited to online webinars and other staff events in the lead-up to the summer.

Travel to and from your regular place of work will not be reimbursed. We encourage our staff to use public transport wherever possible.

Unfortunately, due to the central locations of our campuses, we are unable to provide parking at any of our sites. We encourage you to use public transport, including Oxford’s Park & Ride, wherever possible.

Campus Team Members counted as part of the student/staff ratio during mealtimes (i.e. staff supervising students during mealtimes) and residential staff may receive that meal free of charge as part of the regular serving. Teachers will not be provided with meals on campus.

The majority of our interviews will be conducted online, however for some Campus Management roles you may be asked to attend an in-person meeting in Oxford.

All our courses are taught in-person at our campuses in Oxford, Cambridge, London and Yale.

As we work with students under the age of 18, we are required to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service check for all of our employees as part of the onboarding process. Evidence required for this will be your passport and two more forms of ID / proof of address. You can find out which documents are permissible on this page. The cost of the DBS will be covered by Oxford Royale.

Your appointment is contingent upon successful completion of a background check, satisfactory references, and proof of eligibility to work in the UK. We reserve the right to end our employment agreement with you should the results of the above prove unsatisfactory.

You will need a cleared DBS check,  proof of right to work, 2 references,  and proof of educational background (for teachers and Campus Management).

Due to the short nature of our summer contracts we are unfortunately unable to sponsor any visa applications. During the application process you will be asked to confirm your working rights in the UK for the period of June to August 2023 – you must already have right to work status for us to be able to begin to process your application.

Staff members must be appropriately dressed at all times whilst representing Oxford Royale Academy. This includes when they are not on shift but are still on campus. All team members should dress appropriately for the role they are undertaking and consider the multicultural nature of the Oxford Royale student body.

Campus Team members will be provided with the Oxford Royale uniform. There is no set uniform for teachers, however they must dress in a smart and professional manner for all interactions with students.

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