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A Parent's Guide

Ages 13-15


How Will You Help My 13-15-Year-Old?

Ages thirteen to fifteen represent a key moment in every young person’s journey to adulthood. While young teenagers are introduced to more complex topics at school, they are also beginning to contemplate career ambitions, and formulate a sense of personal identity. It is an opportune moment for your child explore a variety of disciplines and professional pathways, nurturing not only intellectual curiosity, but also the motivation to set and surpass personal goals.

Our intensive summer programmes help you reap the potential benefits of this critical stage of your child’s education, giving them an early advantage in academics, work, and life.

Academic Excellence

Our summer programmes go beyond the limits of school curricula, as students explore their subject through a range of seminars, workshops, projects, and simulated professional scenarios. As such, they get a taste not only of the rigour of university study, but also the many career pathways that lie open to them depending on their field of choice.

Students develop the skills that will give them the edge over their peers in the run-up to formative examinations such as GCSEs and A Levels/IB, and learn to take initiative in structuring their independent study. Most importantly, receiving such insights so early in their school careers will provide them with the motivation to take responsibility for their future careers.

Soft Skills

A holistic education takes into account the world beyond the classroom. We address a need felt throughout the global education system, for the development of excellent interpersonal skills from an early age. This reflects the shifting contours of the modern world of work: as industries are re-defined by technological advances, employers look for adaptable, emotionally intelligent individuals capable of leading through change.

Our approach is to nurture these highly transferable skills, incorporating into our programmes activities that nurture public speaking, negotiation, active listening, and collaboration. This will help your child set their sights higher when looking forward to their life’s achievement.

A Secure Environment

Our award-winning pastoral staff will guarantee that your child’s summer is a safe and happy one. Although students are afforded a greater degree of freedom than they would be at school, and encouraged to approach their studies with an independence of mind, they are at no point in time left unsupervised or unaccompanied. We guide them through every element of the course, and have zero-tolerance policies for bullying, as well as drug and alcohol consumption. It is of great importance to us that attending Oxford Royale is a memorable opportunity for young teenagers to flourish as their authentic selves.

To learn more about our welfare and safeguarding policies, click here.

Our Global Mindset

As the world’s most international summer school, we are proud to have welcomed students from over 175 countries. We believe that the multicultural nature of our programmes is key to our offer of enrichment, as it allows students to learn alongside peers from all around the world, and develop new perspectives from sharing experience. In a world whose balance depends increasingly upon sound international relations, our contribution is to foster camaraderie, clarity of communication, and collaboration among the next generation of leaders.

A Summer of Adventure

As much as they may be used to get ahead of the game academically, the summer holidays are above all a time to enjoy, explore, and rest before getting back into the rhythm of the school year. We have tailored our summer programmes to give students the ideal balance between hard work and play. Outside of teaching hours, your child will enjoy a thrilling range of activities, including cultural excursions, karaoke nights, and opportunities to explore the city with their newfound friends.

There are also ample opportunities to play sport! Students can get involved in our running club, or enjoy competing with friends in games of football, volleyball, and more. Book a call to find out whether your child’s favourite sport is included in our programmes.

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