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Engineering Summer School

Engineering Summer School

Oxford Royale Academy's Engineering Summer School programmes are packed with first-class teaching from our expert faculty in world-class university surrounds.

Welcome to ORA’s Engineering Summer Schools

Oxford Royale Summer Academy’s Engineering Summer School programmes are designed specifically for bright, motivated students looking to further their studies in Engineering, in preparation for a degree or future career.

Find the perfect Engineering course

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Discover a world-famous university city

Our Engineering programmes are available on programmes both in the UK and USA.

From Oxford to Yale, to Cambridge and St Andrews – students embarking on an Engineering summer course with ORA will find no shortage of inspiration in all these incredibly prestigious cities, as each boast obvious engineering genius in some of their most iconic landmarks.

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Gain a head start on future study

Engineering is a complex and competitive field, and even our youngest students will benefit from the academic ‘edge’ that an ORA summer course provides.

Students with an interest in the sciences and mathematics at school will benefit from the more applicable subject matter on our Engineering courses, ensuring that they consider the implications of their study far beyond the classroom. This tutelage and experience will stand them in great stead as they move towards higher education – guiding students towards a field in which they can excel.

Mini Cooper Factory Tour Oxford

Enjoy subject-specific excursions

Students attending our Engineering summer programmes have the opportunity to experience a range of subject-specific workshops and excursions during their stay with us.

Engineering is a multidisciplinary subject, and our students are encouraged to explore its scientific, practical and technical elements by considering real-world situations faced by the contemporary engineer.

Trips will take them to view practical and professional examples of excellence in engineering, and its implementation in everyday life.

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Maximise your employment prospects

The workplace may seem a world away for the time being, but we believe it is never too early to introduce interested students to the world of the professional engineer.

By bringing the subject to life and considering its impact and achievements in the modern world, we hope to ignite students’ enthusiasm and provide them with a wider set of transferable skills.

Engineering is a discipline in which students can pursue a variety of directions and specific careers, so being able to put thought into these at this stage is extremely helpful for the majority of students who have not yet decided on their Engineering path.

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Make the most of the ORA experience

An ORA Engineering summer course will prove an unforgettable summer experience, combining academic rigour with a lively, engaging classroom setting and a host of events, workshops and excursions for all ages. Students will enjoy a superb course, world-class extracurricular activities, and make connections to last a lifetime.

Whether you are a seasoned ORA alumnus or keen to try something new, it will be our very great pleasure to welcome you to live, study, and socialise on your own ORA journey this summer!

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Where are our Engineering courses?

Our Engineering Summer Schools take place in the stunning surrounds of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of St Andrews and Yale University.

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