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Live and study on campus at the University of Oxford

Join us this summer at our award-winning Oxford Royale Summer School and immerse yourself in the historic and academic atmosphere of one of the world’s most renowned universities. Step into life on campus at one of the University of Oxford’s world-famous colleges and make it your home for the duration of your summer studies. With 14 programmes to choose from, Oxford Royale’s carefully crafted summer programmes offer an unparalleled learning experience, and are taught by expert tutors and designed to challenge and inspire you.

Location University of Oxford
For Ages 13-18
Duration 2 weeks
Course Dates
  • 30th Jun to 13th Jul
  • 14th Jul to 27th Jul
  • 28th Jul to 10th Aug

Students at our Oxford Summer School will enjoy an unparalleled learning experience, designed to equip them with the skills needed for the world of university and to shape future careers. Our two-week academic timetables consist of 40 hours of lessons in career-focussed subjects, combining engaging workshops, seminars and group projects. All of this takes place in the truly inspiring academic environment of one the historic colleges of Oxford University.

Our Oxford Summer School programmes are designed by experts in their respective fields to give students the ultimate educational experience. We carefully build timetables, making sure that every moment comes together to turbocharge our students’ entry into their chosen subject.

Our teachers – often lecturers and graduates from Oxford University and other top institutions – inspire students to excel. Teachers cater to the individual needs of each student, and adapt their teaching style appropriately. 13-15-year-old students will be instructed in the key principles of their field, whilst 16-18-year-olds will be prepared for their university applications and guided in their career aspirations by learning more about different specialisms within their field.

Students will not just be taught in a traditional classroom setting, but will learn in a myriad of dynamic ways. This includes independent research, undertaking group projects with their international classmates, academic and practical workshops with experts in their field, and an all-day immersive Challenge Day a unique opportunity to apply their skills to a real-world scenario.

Over the programme, we host many educational events in some of the amazing venues in the city of Oxford. Every evening students will have the chance to take part in our Public Speaking and Debate Society to develop confidence and communications skills, all culminating in our debate grand final. 16-18 students also enjoy enriching seminars, such as our ‘Shaping Your Future’ series and the Headline Address discussing an important modern issue..

All students’ accommodation, lessons, meals, lectures, and events will take place in the amazing educational venues of Oxford. Programmes utilise the world-class facilities in Oxford to ensure our students get the most from their studies. For example, our 16-18 medical students have the opportunity to develop their clinical skills in a real university lab.

We ensure that students who attend our Oxford Summer School not only develop crucial academic skills, but also have a summer to remember. Our programmes include exclusive cultural activities including events, exciting excursions, and social and sporting activities to ensure our students get the most out of their stay in the historic city of Oxford. Some examples include:

Students at our Oxford Summer School will enjoy a thrilling excursion to a nearby cultural city during the programme. For example, 16-18-year-olds will visit the global city of London, having the opportunity to explore world-famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

Not only will students have the chance to live and study on campus at one of the historic colleges of Oxford University, they will also have the opportunity to experience the culture of the city, such as punting along the river or exploring the Ashmolean Museum.

After busy weeks of learning, we make sure students can celebrate with fun parties in amazing campus venues. On each Friday of the programme, we host a party with a specific theme for each of our age groups, complete with activities, a DJ, or a silent disco.

As well as our educational timetable and exclusive events and excursions, we also have a thoroughly planned set of activities for our students to relax and make new friends through, such as our campus Talent Show and the Olympics in the Park.

As the programmes draw to a close, students are invited to attend an illustrious graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements, in which they will receive their certificates in an amazing Oxford venue.

Oxford Royale is the UK's leading international summer school and for nearly two decades, we’ve given students around the globe access to world-leading academic programmes and an unrivalled cultural experience. We’ve helped launch brilliant careers, provided the market’s widest range of courses, and created an authentic taste of university life.

Oxford Royale has welcomed more students than any other academic summer school provider. 99% of our alumni recommend us and we have more five-star reviews than the other providers combined. More parents trust Oxford Royale to help their children than any other provider, and have done for the last 20 years.

Unlike other summer programmes, our curriculum is developed by academic experts who draw from their wealth of teaching experience and subject expertise, crafting programmes that allow students to grasp the core concepts of their field of study, and enlighten them to the current issues and innovations shaping the future of their subject. Our students receive comprehensive educational materials designed by us, containing the key concepts they are learning in class, alongside useful resources to help them grow as an ambitious learner and reach their full potential.

On the ground, programmes are led by highly qualified campus teams, with courses headed by an expert Programme Director, selected for their vast experience in educational leadership roles. They ensure a consistent and exceptional educational experience, as well as protecting students’ welfare. Unlike other summer programmes, we have a dedicated student welfare team operating across our colleges with many years of experience in safeguarding.

Our Oxford Summer School takes place on campus at 8 of the largest and most historic residential colleges of Oxford University. These include Balliol, Queen’s, Oriel, St Catz, and now Keble. Our students will have the chance to eat, sleep and study in the same rooms that inspired some of the most influential minds in history. All of our colleges are located near the exciting city centre of Oxford, allowing students to visit attractions, restaurants and shopping centres in their free time.

Our exemplary standards of education, service and safety have been recognised by numerous accreditation bodies, and we are honoured to have received some of the most prestigious awards in the education sector:

  • The Queen’s Award for Enterprise – Three Time Winner
  • British Youth Travel Awards: Best Educational Product – Five Time Winner
  • BETA: Best Customer Service – Gold Award 2019
  • RoSPA Awards – Bronze Award, 2019
  • The Beautiful South Awards for Excellence – Bronze 2019 & 2020
  • Education Investor Awards – 2017: Finalist

Over our 20-year history, Oxford Royale has hosted over 35,000 alumni from over 175 different countries. Students on our Oxford Summer School will be exposed to an international perspective on the subject they study, and will make friends with a global network of future leaders in their field.

Student welfare is our number-one priority. We do everything within our power to make sure that their summer is a safe and happy one, and the Oxford Royale teams have been recognised nationally for this commitment.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of pastoral care we provide to our students, made possible by the expertise and experience of our staff. They are supported by our robust system of welfare policies and procedures that has been developed over two decades of providing successful summer programmes.

Oxford Royale has been twice awarded the prestigious RoSPA Bronze Award for our health and safety practices. RoSPA has been running for almost 100 years, making vital changes in legislation surrounding accident prevention. We are delighted by the continuing recognition of the extensive lengths we go to in ensuring all our students, teachers, and staff enjoy a safe time while they are with us.

The summer courses are run by an exceptional and experienced staff, led by our Programme Director. The Director is supported by a team of Counsellors who ensure that students are looked after culturally, and socially during their programme, as well as meeting any pastoral needs. Each campus has dedicated members of staff who are residential throughout the programme and are able to assist students at any time, day or night.

Safety, happiness and inclusion are woven into the fabric of our summer programmes. One of the most important and enriching aspects of a summer programme with Oxford Royale is the opportunity for bright young people to interact, network and build new lifelong friendships with students from across the globe and from different cultures. There will always be counsellors on campus to reassure or advise, and our team has decades of experience in the international school sector. 

What Can You Study at our Oxford Summer School?

Select Your Age Group

  • English as a Foreign Language


    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Film Academy: Oxford Through The Lens

    13-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Racing Extinction: Climate, Politics & Global Leadership

    13-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Explore Medicine

    13-15 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Explore Engineering & Technology

    13-15 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Explore Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    13-15 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Economics & Finance

    16-18 years

    14th Jul - 27th Jul

  • Experimental Psychology

    16-18 years

    14th Jul - 27th Jul

  • Film Academy: Oxford Through The Lens

    13-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Racing Extinction: Climate, Politics & Global Leadership

    13-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    16-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Law & Politics

    16-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Engineering & Technology

    16-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Curing the Future: Medicine & Disease

    16-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • English as a Foreign Language

    16-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

  • Architecture & Design

    16-18 years

    30th Jun - 13th Jul | 14th Jul - 27th Jul | 28th Jul - 10th Aug

Experience an Oxford Royale Graduation

Watch our 16 to 18 graduation video to see our students celebrating everything they have achieved on campus at their Oxford Summer School.

Learn from world-leading experts

Watch our 2023 Great Debate featuring Helen Sharman, the first British person in space, and gain a taste of the enriching experiences offered to our students.

Experience student life in Oxford

Our Oxford Royale Summer School offers an authentic taste of undergraduate life in Oxford. You will have the opportunity to explore the historic residential colleges of the University of Oxford, stay in student bedrooms set in centuries-old quadrangles, socialise in vibrant common rooms, and relax in glorious college gardens. Attend lectures in vaulted halls where students have dined for over eight centuries, and study in classrooms where 55 Nobel prize winners developed their key academic and life skills. Access state-of-the-art laboratories and lecture theatres where groundbreaking discoveries have been made.

Where will I stay in Oxford?

Oxford Royale boasts the biggest and best selection of college accommodation of any summer school provider in Oxford. All of our Oxford Royale Summer Schools offer students the opportunity to live and learn on campus in the colleges of the University of  Oxford, soaking in the rich historical legacy of these magnificent campuses.

View Our Residential Colleges

Authentic student experience

Experience a taste of life on campus in the colleges of the University of Oxford. Live and dine like a true student, gaining a taste of independence and undergraduate life.

Magical dining halls

Eat in some of the most spectacular dining halls in the city, relax in centuries old quadrangles and make new friends from across the globe while living on campus in Oxford.

Exciting Activities and Trips

Natural History Museum

Immerse yourself in British history through visits to incredible venues like the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Affiliated with the University of Oxford, this magical museum is home to centuries of Natural History, including the Oxford Dodo, the only surviving remains of dodo tissue to exist anywhere in the world!

See our exclusive events Night at the Museum

Walking Tour of Oxford

Discover the magic of Oxford on a walking tour around the historic city. Explore magnificent colleges that have been home to Nobel Prize winners, leading scientists and Academy Award winners, take in the serene parks and Botanic Gardens, or uncover hidden gems from coffee shops to rare book stores.

Visit the Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology is one of the largest museums and art galleries in the UK. Home to fascinating examples of historic artefacts from across the globe, join Oxford Royale to discover examples of art and archaeology from across the globe.

See our exclusive events Ashmolean Musuem

Oxford Royale Graduation

Experience an Oxford Royale graduation, on campus at your residential college in Oxford. Dress up with your new friends, dine in a magnificent venue, and celebrate everything you have achieved on your programme. 

See our exclusive events Oxford Royale Graduation

Punting in Oxford

Feel like a real student in Oxford and try your hand at punting, a type of rowing that uses a metal pole to push the boat forward! Relax in the sun and view Oxford’s stunning natural landscape as you punt along the Cherwell river.

Explore London

Discover the UK’s most exciting city! From Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace to the Museum of Natural History and National Portrait Gallery, there are endless ways to be entertained. With luxury shopping and hundreds of restaurants, London is a must-visit location. This trip is for our 16-18 year old students. 

“It’s incredible. I have met people from Lebanon, from Brazil, from all over the world. It’s so cool because everyone speaks a different language but we come together to speak to each other, and we get to learn so much about other people’s culture and life.  I have never been to Oxford, but I really like it. It is such a historic city, but with all these young people together it is a very vivid city, it is very diverse. There are restaurants from every culture which is really cool.”

Kira, Austria

“I had been to Oxford before, but now I am truly experiencing it. Seeing all the different colleges and campuses is absolutely amazing, as well as the city itself. It is great to see such old architecture still being used today, and being able to actually study here is amazing. My favourite memory was just walking around and exploring the city with friends.  ”

Edoardo, Italy

“I love the city. With Oxford Royale, you live in one place for two weeks and become knowledgeable about the city, but you also become part of a small community with the people you are living with, as you see them every day and develop close bonds. I had never been punting before, but it was so much fun! Our counsellor did the actual punting, and we spent the whole time laughing – even when we bumped into the river banks!”

Yashvi, India

“Living in the dorms by myself gave me a sense of responsibility, and getting to know other people and has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and taught me a sense of cultural awareness. The programme has pushed me to think out of the box and experiment with things I haven’t learned before, learning from both my teachers and my peers!”

Rouza, United Arab Emirates


We have a 4.8 rating based on 770 reviews on Reviews.io.
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I had an absolutely incredible time doing Summer school with Oxford Royale Academy! I learnt new things about myself and the world around me, and would definitely recommend to others!

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I loved the Oxford Royal program, I met many people with bright personalities and unique minds, and I also learned a lot from the teachers, campus staff etc. You will enjoy it!

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Oxford Royals Academy made my summer amazing! I learned many new things and I met people from all over the world that I know I can call true friends. I definitely recommend ORA to anyone who wants to make unforgettable memories!

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The twelve days I spent in Oxford Summer School were very happy, the teachers were very kind and professional, and the curriculum was very reasonable, which expanded my knowledge. All the courses mean a lot to me and I hope I can come back next summer.

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The oxford royale academy was definitely the highlight of my summer. I have not only learnt more about the course I have chosen, but I've also met a lot of new friends, friendly staff and helpful teachers from different cultures all in the same campus and had a lot of unforgettable memories.

Quotation mark


It was a great, fun and interesting experience at Oxford.