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We believe that teachers and educators are the catalyst for inspiring our students toward aspirational futures. This is why every one of our fantastic teachers are experts in their field, and many have studied and are now teaching at some of the best universities and academic institutions in the world. Our incredible guest speakers are current industry experts and professional trailblazers, uniquely qualified to empower students with current industry knowledge.

Hear from legendary guest speakers

At Oxford Royale, we pride ourselves on providing our students with unparalleled access to renowned guest speakers from diverse fields. This distinctive feature sets us apart from other summer schools and enriches the educational experience for our students. By engaging directly with luminaries from the realms of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, our students not only enhance their confidence but also sharpen their analytical abilities.

In previous years our Great Debate has welcomed leaders in multiple fields, from Helen Sharman, the first Brit in space, to Richard Dawkins, and AI specialist Kriti Sharma. Our Headline Address will allow students in all locations to experience the inspiration this summer.

Headline Address 2024 Featuring...

Dr Kerry McInerney

Distinguished AI ethics scholar and advocate

Dr Kerry McInerney (née Mackereth) is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge’s Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, where she co-directs the Global Politics of AI project, exploring AI’s influence on international relations. She serves as a Research Fellow at the AI Now Institute, a foremost AI policy think tank based in New York, and is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Andy Pag

Multiple award-winning ex-BBC reporter and eco-adventurer.

For 20 years, former BBC journalist Andy Pag has been dedicated to exploring sustainable travel solutions, undertaking a series of experimental expeditions using quirky and creative solutions to the challenge of cutting his journeys’ carbon emissions. From reaching Timbuktu in a chocolate-powered lorry, to fuelling up from the bins of Europe’s chip shops, to driving right around the world in a truck made from rubbish. The challenges he faced and his unexpected successes make not only for some engrossing stories, but for some valuable lessons in framing the challenges of sustainability we all now wrestle with.

Eleanor Drage

Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge Centre for the Future of Intelligence

Eleanor is a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge Centre for the Future of Intelligence, and teaches AI professionals about AI ethics on a Masters course at Cambridge. She specialises in using feminist ideas to make AI better and safer for everyone. She is currently running two projects helping AI ethics designers and project managers incorporate AI ethics and respond to new regulation, including the EU AI act.

Eleanor is also the co-host of The Good Robot Podcast, where she interviews top scholars and technologists about AI ethics, and she is a TikToker for Carole Cadwalladr’s group of investigative journalists, The Citizens’.

Simon Morris

Co-Founder of LOVEFiLM and Chief Creative Officer at Amazon

Simon Morris has had a dazzling career in the entertainment industry. He was at the forefront of record-breaking sales at multi-national games company SEGA, and has also held pivotal roles at Sky UK and Ginger Television Productions. He co-founded and built the brand LOVEFiLM, eventually to become Amazon Prime, prior to joining Amazon as the worldwide creative lead. The first person to be made Chief Creative Officer of the company, he has received many accolades in recognition for his achievements, including an Emmy nomination in recognition of his innovative Alexa Super Bowl campaign, and acknowledgement from the Vatican for his Christmas 2016 Amazon Commercial.

Above and beyond his role at Amazon, he has also advised esteemed brands such as LEGO, Graze, and Tails, and was a co-founder of Football 365, which went from start-up to IPO in just 4 years.

See our Great Debate Highlights

The Great Debate with Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman OBE is the first British Astronaut. In May 1991, she launched on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft and spent 8 days orbiting the Earth, living and working on the MIR Space Station. A superb speaker, Helen enthuses her audience about Space, STEM and the wonders of science. She describes the meticulous training and preparation, learning Russian, the launch and landing, how weightlessness feels, her science experiments, the team spirit, and adjusting to life back on Earth. Awarded the OBE in 1993, Helen is a full-time scientist, a pioneer, a role model for young people (of all ages!) and an inspiration.

The Great Debate with David Olusoga

In 2022 Oxford Royale was joined by David Olusoga. David Olusoga is a British-Nigerian historian, broadcaster, and filmmaker who has made TV series including Empire and the BAFTA winning show Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners. His award -winning book Black & British: A Forgotten History was also made into a major BBC TV series.

Marcus DuSautoy, speaker for the Oxford Royale Great Debate

Marcus Du Sautoy

Marcus du Sautoy is one of the UK’s leading scientists and the Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford. He has written many books on mathematics, AI and science. His fascinating speaking topics include The Secret of the Winning Streak: The Story of Maths and Why Beckham Chose the 23 Shirt.

Kriti Sharma, Oxford Royale Great Debate speaker 2023

Kriti Sharma

Kriti Sharma is an Artificial Intelligence expert and a leading global voice on ethical technology, currently leading chatbot projects for various social causes, from productivity to inequality. Kriti was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for advancements in AI, and was also invited as a Civic Leader to the Obama Foundation Summit for her work in ethical technology.

Helen Sharman, speaker for the Oxford Royale Great Debate

Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman OBE was the first British Astronaut ever go into space, joining the MIR Space Station in 1991. She is a superb speaker, and enthuses her audience about Space, STEM and the wonders of science. As a pioneer in her industry, she is a role model and inspiration for young people.

Shami Chakrabarti

Baroness Shami Chakrabarti is a lawyer and a member of the British House of Lords who served as director of the human rights group Liberty, campaigning against “excessive” anti-terror legislation. A frequent public speaker, she has been described as “the most effective public affairs lobbyist of the past 20 years”.

Richard Dawkins

Professor Richard Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist and internationally bestselling author. He studied zoology at Balliol College, Oxford, and returned as a Professor for Public Understanding of Science from 1995-2008. His books are internationally acclaimed, and he is one of the patrons of the Oxford University Scientific Society.

Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury is a British television presenter and children’s author, well-known for presenting the Channel 5 series The Gadget Show.. Some of his own DIY gadgets include the first ‘phone glove’, a vehicle Head-Up Display, and a hovercraft made from only a car wheel and an industrial sized fan.

Oxford Royale's motivational teachers

Our motivational teachers are the driving force behind our commitment to inspire and empower students. Many of our teachers studied and now teach at some of the best universities and academic institutions in the world. With diverse backgrounds and expertise spanning various fields, they bring invaluable insights, passion, and real-world experience into the classroom.

Whether it’s sharing personal anecdotes, offering practical advice, or igniting intellectual curiosity, our educators go beyond traditional teaching methods to foster a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Through their mentorship and guidance, students are not only equipped with academic knowledge but also encouraged to pursue their passions, challenge themselves, and strive for excellence both academically and personally.

At Oxford Royale, our teachers are not just educators but also mentors, role models, and catalysts for positive change in the lives of our students.

Kelly Thornton

Kelly holds a first class degree in Law from Queen Mary University of London, and a BPTC and Masters Degree from BPP University. She practises as a Law Lecturer in family law and corporate crime, and is a qualified mediator covering both civil and commercial cases.

Andile Dube

Andile is an MRes in Surgical Sciences candidate from St John’s College, University of Oxford. His experience is in Patient Safety (NHS-UK), Public Sector Patient Care, Global Health, and Medical Technology Innovations (Diagnostic and Therapeutic). 

Dr. Abdulazeez Imam

Dr Imam, lecturer in Medicine, has over 14 years of clinical experience and a strong commitment to medical education. He completed a 6 year Paediatric programme in Nigeria and is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Oxford.

Endrit Shabani

A trained lawyer, Dr Endrit Shabani has a Doctorate in Politics from the University of Oxford where he studied with a full Clarendon scholarship. He has consulted for multiple international organisations including UNICEF, UN Women, and the EU, and taught Politics internationally.

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Our teachers are dedicated to nurturing, inspiring and motivating each and every student to achieve their best, in both their academic and personal lives.

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