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The Oxford Royale

Student Experience

What will students gain from a summer with Oxford Royale?

Oxford Royale’s summer programmes are about more than just the exceptional core academic experience. The incredible young people that join us from all across the world will experience two weeks like no other, growing in academic prowess, social confidence and personal development. This is a crucial time for young people, and we understand that the experience goes beyond what they learn in the classroom… our students join us for a summer to shape their future.

A Like-minded Community

One of the greatest benefits of our programme is the opportunity to learn alongside peers who represent the diverse and dynamic spectrum of future professionals. Whether aspiring to become business leaders, doctors, lawyers, engineers, or artists, students will be surrounded by individuals who share their passion for excellence and ambition for success. This rich environment fosters collaboration, innovation, and mutual inspiration, creating a vibrant community of young minds poised to shape the future.

Cultural Exchange

Our summer programme offers a unique opportunity to engage with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, enriching the learning experience in profound ways. Interacting with peers from various parts of the world exposes students to a tapestry of customs, traditions, and perspectives, fostering an environment of cultural appreciation.

Through lively discussions, collaborative projects, and shared experiences, our studnets will exchange ideas, challenge assumptions, and gain fresh insights into issues that transcend geographical boundaries. This multicultural environment cultivates empathy, tolerance, and appreciation for diversity, essential qualities for thriving in an interconnected world.

Global Awareness

Our young learners will engage in discussions and collaborations with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering a deeper understanding of global issues and their role as a global citizen. Interacting with students from around the world provides unique perspectives, broadening awareness of socio-political dynamics and fostering empathy for diverse viewpoints.

Through this exchange, you’ll develop critical thinking skills, cultural sensitivity, and a sense of responsibility towards addressing global challenges. By embracing their role as a global citizen, our students will emerge from the programme equipped to contribute as leaders of tomorrow.




Networking Opportunities

Due to the diverse student community and wide range of expert teachers and supportive counsellors, our student will build a global network of friends, mentors, and collaborators that can support them throughout their academic and professional journey. Networking is a key skill for young people, and has become an integral part of the working world. We offer our young people the chance to get a head-start in building their own network.

Critical Thinking Skills

Participants are encouraged to immerse themselves in insightful debates and discussions, where they can challenge their perspectives and expand their critical thinking skills. Through these engagements, individuals will  have the opportunity to explore diverse viewpoints, question assumptions, and analyse complex issues from multiple angles.

Engaging in constructive dialogue with peers fosters intellectual growth, encouraging students to articulate their ideas effectively and respond thoughtfully to opposing viewpoints. This active exchange of ideas not only enhances one’s ability to think critically but also cultivates a passion for learning.

Personal Growth

For many young people, a summer with Oxford Royale is their first time independently away from home. Supported all the way by our staff, our students have the chance to step out of their comfort zone, make new friends and grow in confidence, developing resilience and adaptability in a multicultural environment.

Our lessons and seminars encourage students to think outside the box and contribute in class, and many of our extracurricular opportunities aim to provide students with the chance to grow their skills outside of the classroom, from Public Speaking & Debate, univeristy and career advice, all the way to exploring everything their location has to offer!

Career Advancement

Participants can gain a competitive edge in the job market by showcasing their cross-cultural communication skills and actual subject experience. Engaging with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds provides valuable exposure to different communication styles, customs, and perspectives, enhancing one’s ability to collaborate effectively in global settings.

Employers increasingly value candidates who demonstrate hands on skills and adaptability, recognizing the importance of the innovations in the changing world. By actively participating in a programme like Oxford Royale’s, individuals not only broaden their professional network but also demonstrate their readiness to thrive in a globalized workforce.




Lasting Memories

The entire experience of an Oxford Royale programme will not only build skills, provide insight into careers and disciplines and help students make decisions about their future, but also allow students to have a summer they will never forget! Joined by their new friends, our students will explore their location during free time and guided cultural exploration.

We host all kinds of exciting activities in the afternoons, from sports and competitions to quizzes and arts and crafts, all aiming to ensure our students are having an enjoyable summer. With a Friday Night Party and dedicated Graduation Ceremony and Party, our events are also guaranteed to provide students with two weeks of lasting memories.