Our 2021 Summer Schools have now finished - a huge THANK YOU to all of our students who joined us this year!
Magdalen College Oxford

Prices & Dates

You can download our directory of 2021 Summer Courses, Dates and Fees by clicking the button below. Our prices include tuition, accommodation, meals, excursions and activities, as well as many other additional features and benefits.

Magdalen College Oxford

On-campus 2021 Summer Schools: Courses, Dates and Fees directory:


What’s included with an Oxford Royale on-campus summer school?

All course fees include the following:

  • Classes and tuition (16+ taught hours per week for ages 8-12, 20+ taught hours per week for ages 13-18, 15+ taught hours for ages 19+)
  • Study files/materials
  • Guest lectures by academic speakers
  • Personalised academic reports and graduation certificate
  • Accommodation in your chosen location
  • Meals in the Hall every day, enabling you to gain the real in-college dining experience. Breakfast, lunch and evening meal are included for ages 8-15, breakfast and evening meal for ages 16+
  • Free WiFi (subject to availability)
  • Daily updates for parents and family on the ORA campus blogs
  • A wide selection of afternoon and evening activities
  • Coach excursions
  • Welcome and graduation events (parents invited)
  • A multitude of extras, including an ORA notebook and branded clothing

How do I pay my course fees?

All courses require a deposit payment to secure the booking. You can find the deposit for your preferred course on our online application form at apply.oxford-royale.com, or you can request this information from our Admissions team.

You may either pay the full course fee when you book your place, or pay the deposit amount and then the balance at a later date. The balance clearance is required at least 90 days before the start date of the course. Where the student is booking less than 90 days before the start date, the balance must be covered in full.

New online enrolments will require a Debit or Credit Card payment of at least the deposit amount. If you would like to enrol and make your deposit payment via Bank Transfer or another payment method, please contact our Admissions team, who will be happy to help you to do so.

Payments for existing enrolments can be made via a number of methods, including domestic and international bank transfer, credit or debit card, as well as local payment options; please log in to your ORA Portal and click on the ‘Pay Now’ button on your booking details to be taken to our balance payment facility.