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Our Unique

Approach to Learning

Empowering Your Child's Success

At Oxford Royale, it is our firm belief that education shapes futures and changes lives. Our holistic approach to learning is an immersive and interactive process where students explore new ideas and perspectives, master the fundamentals of their chosen subject, and taste education at a high level.

Young minds will learn from a curriculum designed by experts to reflect the changing education systems, changes in industry and changes in the world around us, meaning they will be learning the most innovative and up to date subject content.

Our students will tackle contemporary and future issues, using real case studies, evidence, and hands-on workshops to understand and develop solutions to challenges emerging in the modern world.

How can we help your 13 to 15 year old?

Our programmes are an opportunity for younger students to grow their knowledge and gain skills like collaboration and confidence! 

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How can we help your 16 to 18 year old?

Our 16 to 18 programmes have been tailored to aid students who are now looking to prepare themselves for higher education and future careers.

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Designed By Experts

Unlike other summer programmes, our curriculum is developed by academic experts who draw from their wealth of experience, crafting programmes that allow students to grasp the core concepts of their field of study, and enlighten them to the current issues and innovations shaping the future of their subject. 

Our students will receive a comprehensive Student’s Guide designed by us, containing the key concepts they are learning in class, alongside useful resources to help them grow as an ambitious learner and reach their full potential.


Reaching Your Potential

We recognise that every student has their own strengths and ambitions, and our range of programmes is designed to reflect this.

We provide a nurturing environment where students can master the fundamental elements of their chosen subject, and extend their understanding through the practical application of this knowledge.

Whether looking to achieve a high level academic goal or learn more about a specific career, students will have the opportunity to take a step toward a successful future.

Core Academic Programme

This is not just ordinary classroom learning: our students will learn through immersive and interactive lessons or seminars from expert teachers, engage in hands-on practical workshops and group projects with peers from around the globe, and experience high level learning beyond what they can learn from their school curriculum.

Young learners can be inspired towards aspirational futures, but also prepared for specific professions, including Business, Law, Engineering & Technology and Medicine.

Innovative Learning Methods

Our students will take part in hands-on ventures to enforce their newfound knowledge. This includes an all day immersive Challenge Day, a unique opportunity to apply their skills to a real-world scenario.

Academic and practical workshops will provide students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of theoretical concepts and apply them in practical contexts. 

From engineering students building fan powered cars from scratch, architects designing their perfect sustainable city, all the way to film students mastering their own short film!

Collaborative Learning Environment

Our collaborative and nurturing environment provides plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate, balanced with time for individual attention whenever students need additional support.

Students will enjoy the unique opportunity to study with a diverse international mix of peers, helping to expand their own understanding and challenge their world views, opening up new avenues and perspectives they may never have considered before, all while building a lasting network of friends from  across the globe.

Beyond the Classroom

Our approach to learning doesn’t end once the students leave the classroom. Every aspect of an Oxford Royale programme aims to enrich the lives and experiences of our ambitious cohort. 

Additional academic opportunities are offered at all of our locations. Study support sessions are hosted in the evenings and weekends, and for ages 16 to 18, the Shaping Your Future Seminar Series will help students learn more about the world they will soon be venturing into. From university application advice, workshops on careers and how to navigate the working world, alongside time for dedicated Q&A sessions with our team.

Extracurriculars and Excursions

Even the exclusive Oxford Royale excursions and extracurriculars will open up new opportunities for our students. For many young people, this is the first time away from home independently, and they will grow in confidence 

Guided cultural exploration will be held at every location, where our dedicated team leads exploration of local areas of cultural importance. From historic colleges in Oxford and Cambridge, royal palaces in London, to museums and galleries in New Haven and historic redwoods in California.

Assessment and Achievement

Unlike other summer programmes, all of our students will take part in assessed practical or project work and written assignments.

At the end of the programme, our students will receive a full written report which includes their grades, highlights of their specific achievements, and offers suggested next steps for future learning. This is an incredible opportunity to receive personal feedback from teachers who are experts in their field, and dedicated to motivating students to achieve their utmost potential.

A formal graduation ceremony is the final celebration for our students, where their achievements will be recognised and highlighted. After two weeks of intensive learning and exploring, this is always an incredible event commemorating the journey our students have undertaken.

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Two weeks spent with Oxford Royale will be a transformative part of any students’ academic journey. Book a call at a time convenient to you to learn more about how we can help shape your child’s future.

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