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Why Choose Us?

Our transformative educational offer goes far beyond the grandeur of our prestigious campuses. Since our foundation in 2004, we have been working tirelessly to represent the gold standard in summer programmes – an effort rewarded by high praise from happy parents, alumni, and major industry rewards. Reflecting on the role we’ve played in helping young people set out on the path to excellence over the last twenty years, we’ve drawn up a list of the five things that set us apart.

1. We are world-class and well-rounded.

Since 2004, we have welcomed students from over 175 nationalities. This makes the Oxford Royale classroom a special place to be; whatever your choice of programme, you’ll find yourself sharing subject knowledge and experiences with a peer group from all over the world. Add to this the exceptional calibre of our programmes, and the label ‘world-class’ is very apt. 

Though we draw inspiration from the world’s finest universities, we’re not trying to be anyone but ourselves. Rather than imitating the Oxbridge tutorial system, we’ve focused on nurturing young people at decisive moments in their personal development, providing not only academic excellence, but also priceless industry experience and formation in vital career skills. To read more about our teaching philosophy, click here.

2. We move with the times.

We are living in times of unprecedented global change, palpable throughout industries, institutions, and environments. We don’t stand still – and neither do our programmes. The experience we provide and our individual programmes are reviewed annually, to ensure that students are receiving an education up-to-date with research and developments in their chosen field, as well as highly relevant work experience. 

We also recognise the need to unite fields of study in programmes that address global challenges. Programmes such as Racing Extinction represent our effort to prepare students for complex global leadership scenarios; as do the events such as the Headline Address, which encourage students to develop an understanding of world-shaping developments such as Artificial Intelligence and space exploration.

3. We send forth conscientious global citizens.

The success of our programmes is defined by international enlightenment and mutual empathy. It is our conviction that instilling cultural awareness in young people is key to the creation of more harmonious international relations. 

Whatever their field, our attendees graduate with a robust global network of lifelong friends. Our vision is that, as they progress in their careers, they’ll find opportunities to collaborate with their peers from our summer programmes, forging connections across sectors and countries.

4. We collaborate with innovators and trail-blazers.

Our academic staff are at the very top of their game, coming from the world’s most reputable research institutions, and have decades of collective expertise and experience to impart to the ambitious students that attend our summer programmes. We entrust our programme design to them, to ensure that our ambitious young learners receive a broad but deep understanding of the pathways that lie before them should they commit to a degree in their chosen field.

Likewise, the guest speakers who deliver headline addresses and seminars, and lead our unique Great Debate, are of exceptional character. Past examples have included David Olusoga, Marcus du Sautoy, and Helen Sharman.

5. We ensure safety and structure - always.

Our priority is to guarantee that students’ time with us is a safe and happy one. Our staff are fully trained in safe-guarding measures and adhere to comprehensive welfare policies, meaning that there is someone available at all times of day and night to ensure students’ well-being.

Above and beyond our exceptional pastoral provision, we achieve this through the highly structured nature of our programmes. During the week, students receive a full school day’s worth of exceptional tuition, before partaking in an entertaining extracurricular calendar once lessons are over, followed by thrilling excursions and parties on the weekends. This creates an emphasis on group cohesion, organisation, and accountability, conducive to a smooth and enjoyable learning journey.

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