Will There be Summer School in 2021?

If anyone deserves an exhilarating summer school experience, it’s you. We can’t get away from the fact that it’s been a devastating year due to Covid-19.

If you booked a summer school in 2020 only to have to cancel, you’ll want to know whether there will be a summer school in 2021. This depends on the summer school you choose, but as the UK is set to lift restrictions this summer, many summer schools are inviting students back for residential summer courses.

The many restrictions of the pandemic have robbed young people of the exciting experiences and challenges of growing up and taking on the world. There’s no better way of making up for this than a 2021 summer school with fantastic teaching and the chance to discover your passions in life.

In this article, we’ll cover whether there will be summer school in 2021, and what precautions the best summer schools will take to ensure that you have the best (and safest) summer of your life.

Will there be summer school in 2021?

There will be summer school in 2021, and summer courses can be either online or in-person depending on the course you choose, because Oxford Royale Academy has taken stringent precautions to re-open residential courses in a Covid safe manner, so that students can enjoy an authentic experience of life at the top universities in the world, with flexible refund policies and access to world-class healthcare.

Let’s dive right in and explore more about summer school in 2021, and how it will work.

On-campus summer school 2021

One of the best aspects of attending a summer school at an elite university such as the University of Oxford or Cambridge, is the chance to actually live and study within these renowned institutions.

We’re opening our summer school for 2021, so you can enjoy the most authentic experience of Oxbridge student life, whether you’re living in the stunning cloisters of Christ Church College, Oxford, or climbing the tower of the University’s Great St Mary’s Church at Cambridge.

The experience of living, sleeping and studying within the halls that inspired some of the worlds greatest minds can inspire you to achieve your own academic passions, and believe in your own ability, so we know how important it is to offer you this experience in a safe manner.

Any summer school you choose to attend in summer 2021 should have a rigorous Covid safety policy. At Oxford Royale Academy, for example, we’ve put stringent processes in place to ensure that you can enjoy the same world-class educational experiences in a safe and secure setting.

For example, we have expert deep cleaning processes in place at all times, so you can study and socialise in the knowledge that your environment is scrupulously clean and protective. We also have rapid and effective self-isolation policies, and hand sanitiser and face mask requirements.

Our campuses are all in elite university cities, for example, Oxford and Cambridge, are all extremely close to world-class hospitals and healthcare facilities, many of whom partner in research with our host universities. You can be assured of unrivalled medical care, whichever Oxford Royale Academy summer school you choose.

All summer schools opening in 2021 should have flexible refund and payment policies, given the circumstances of the past year. Clear information on finances and refunds really helps put your mind at ease, as you know that you can enjoy the extraordinary experience of an Oxford or Cambridge summer school, with the freedom to rearrange or cancel plans should the need arise. At Oxford Royale Academy, our Covid flexibility promise means that, if you book after 1st August 2020, you get:

  • A full refund if you cancel your booking, for any reason, before 30th April 2021.
  • A full refund if UK government legislation obliges us to cancel all of our on-campus summer schools in 2021.

We also offer:

  • Free conversion to an online course delivered as part of our Oxford Summer School Online 2021 when you notify us 30 days or more before your scheduled course start date.
  • Free transfer of your booking to a later session in Summer 2021 when you notify us 30 days or more before your scheduled course start date.

Online summer school

We understand how frustrating it is to want to attend a summer school but be unable to travel to campus for any reason. We’re offering the same world-class teaching faculty, fascinating courses and contact with students from all around the world via our online Oxford summer school in 2021.

You’ll have access to our world-leading tutors in a digital setting, from Oxbridge academics and Ivy League Lecturers, to groundbreaking medical researchers, famous authors and top industry leaders in film and fashion. You’ll enjoy the same intensive learning programmes using Microsoft Teams. Over each week long online course, you can expect:

  • A structured timetable of lectures, seminars and exciting academic projects, with 4+ hours of guided learning a day.
  • Personal development skills and university and careers advice from Oxford Royale Academy’s world-class tutoring faculty.
  • The chance to choose from 10+ compelling subject options, from Medicine and Law, to Leadership, Physics or Chemistry.
  • Fully immersive and interactive seminars.
  • Final report and certificate.
  • 6-month access to all digital materials. This means that after your course you’ll have free access to our 20+ fascinating on-demand courses, which you can take any time that is convenient to you, and involve nearly 100 hours of self-paced learning, crafted by experts.

Independent Research Projects

If you prefer to learn just one-to-one and want to delve with extraordinary depth into a subject you are passionate about, you can choose one of our Independent Research Projects as part of our online summer school in 2021. You’ll gain extraordinary knowledge and insight into your subject, as you work with an expert tutor who will guide you to posit and produce your own research. You’ll pick up invaluable skills for the workplace in project-development and implementation. You’ll get 10 hours of 1:1 contact with your tutor over Microsoft Teams

After you’ve completed the course you’ll get a personalised letter of recommendation, that you can use in university and college applications, as well as a graduation certificate recording your amazing achievement.

On-demand online courses

There are plenty of pre-recorded online courses out there, promising to give you decent knowledge of a subject. But what if you could access the same style of convenient, self-paced material, with the knowledge that these courses had been designed by world-leading experts in the subject?

With our affordable on-demand online courses, you can have access to world-class educational material, whether you’re studying a course in Ethics, Human Rights Law or Russian Language and Literature. And you can access it all from the comfort of your own home, and around your own schedule. You can expect:

  • 4 x Interactive Tutorials
  • Online quizzes and exams
  • Access to the course discussion forum
  • Course worksheets and case studies
  • ORA Certificate of completion

Now that we’ve gone through whether there will be a summer school in 2021, and what you can expect from our summer school whether you choose an online or on-campus course, we hope you’ve found this an enlightening read. Whether you’re a student who knows exactly what university course and career you want to pursue in life, or you’re bright but not sure what you want to do yet, spending the summer being guided by experts in fascinating subjects, whether you’re attending on-campus or online, will put you straight on the path to success.