Brand-New Courses for Students Aged 13-15

Oxford Royale Summer Schools is delighted to announce that we will be launching five new courses for students aged 13-15 in summer 2015.

Introduction to Law

Image shows a mock trial in Oxford Town Hall. 

An interest in the law can be tricky to pursue as a teenager; very few schools teach much if anything about law, and when they do it’s usually in terms of general principles rather than the more interesting case law. That’s why we’ve launched an Introduction to Law course for budding lawyers to get a real taste of what life at law school is like. Not only will students gain an in-depth understanding of areas of law from criminal law to the law of torts, they’ll also learn the steps they’ll need to take to have a career as a barrister or solicitor themselves, and will get to participate in a mock trial – just like university law students do. Read more here.

Introduction to Engineering

Image shows a student using a calculator.

The Introduction to Engineering course provides students with a head-start in this demanding and varied discipline. Students will receive a broad overview of the major fields in Engineering, from Mechanical Engineering to Civil Engineering, in order to enable them to think more about what path they might wish their career to take in future. The course combines a solid theoretical background with exciting practical problems for students to solve. Read more here.

Introduction to Leadership

Image shows a speaker being challenged in the Oxford Union.

What it is like to be a leader isn’t something that many people discover at the ages of 13-15, but on our new Introduction to Leadership course that’s exactly what students get to do. Students will learn the theories and requirements of leadership, work out what kind of leadership style best suits them, and then apply this knowledge within the practical framework of a Model United Nations summit. The range and diversity of the ORA student body will be a particular advantage as we look at the new demands that a globalised world is making on leaders today. Read more here.

Introduction to Medicine

Image shows students using medical equipment.

If you want a shot at the challenge of getting into med school, there’s no such thing as starting too early. Not only will students learn biology from a medical perspective, looking at everything from anatomy to disease transmission, they will gain a taster of the practical medical skills that they will use as doctors of the future. As all teachers will be qualified doctors or current students of Medicine, students will benefit from their knowledge and expertise, as well as the career advice that they will be able to offer. Read more here.

Introduction to Enterprise

Image shows the New York skyline.

Entrepreneurs of the future should look this way. Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s new Introduction to Enterprise course is designed to set students on the road to business success. Students will look at how companies are founded, how to navigate financial markets, the skills required for marketing and how the modern world economy works. This highly interactive course incorporates group projects for students to test out their ideas and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Read more here.

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