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Introduction to Law

Introduction to Law

A two-week summer Law course introducing students aged 13-15 to key concepts and practices in Law, giving them a head start for future legal study and careers.

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Course Summary

The Introduction to Law course from Oxford Royale Academy is the perfect programme for any student considering future study or a career in Law. During two weeks of interactive study and discussion, students on the course are introduced to a variety of different fields within the discipline.

The overall aim of this programme is to provide participants with an initial advantage as they start their journey towards becoming a lawyer. The focus of the course is on assessing and evaluating the role of Law in society, while appreciating its foundations, and the core theoretical values of the discipline. Students are introduced to multiple legal strands, including Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Tort Law.

A group project enables students to develop key skills for a career in Law, while a mock trial in class provides practical experience. Students also explore the skills and tasks required by the legal profession in order to assess whether they themselves would be suited to such a career in the future.

What to expect from Introduction to Law for ages 13-15

13-15-year-olds on the course are exposed to an interactive and engaging approach, using classroom debates, group tasks and roleplay exercises to engage students in all aspects of the legal landscape. Students also have the chance to participate in a mock classroom-based trial of their own, putting their newfound knowledge into practice.

A key element of the course focuses on connecting fascinating case studies with complex ethical and philosophical principles that form the foundation of Modern Law. This approach ensures that students develop an extensive and comprehensive understanding of Law by the end of the course.


Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will have:


Topics covered

The table below gives an indication of the subject areas that will be covered in each day’s lecture and seminar. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, please note that topics and timings may be subject to change.

Day Week 1 Week 2
Monday Lesson 1: Introduction and values Lesson 11: Contract Law
Lesson 2: Values and the Law Lesson 12: Negotiation
Lesson 3: Values and the Law Lesson 13: Essay writing
Tuesday Lesson 4: The constitution Lesson 14: International Law
Lesson 5: The constitution and human rights Lesson 15: International Law
Wednesday Field trip or guest speakers Lesson 16-18: Moot court
Thursday Lesson 6: Judges & court Lesson 19: EU Law
Lesson 7: UKSC vs SCOTUS Lesson 20: Brexit
Friday Lesson 8: Interpreting the Law & legal research Lesson 21: Family Law
Lesson 9: Criminal Law Lesson 22: Family Law
Lesson 10: The Death Penalty Lesson 23: Becoming a lawyer


Take this course if…

Take this course if you are considering future studies or a career in Law, and would like to get a head start.


Oxford College Accommodation

  • Location Oxford
  • Ages Ages: 12+, 13-15, 16-18, 19+
  • Bedroom Type Single and twin
  • Bathroom Type En-suite & Shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1096 (University of Oxford)

Cambridge University Accommodation

  • Location Cambridge
  • Ages Ages: 13-15, 16-18
  • Bedroom Type Single and twin
  • Bathroom Type En-suite & shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1209 (University of Cambridge)

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