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Oxford Summer School Racing Extinction

Oxford Royale 2024

Climate, Politics & Global Leadership Summer School

Yale Summer School

Racing Extinction: Climate, Politics & Global Leadership

Join students at the Climate, Politics & Global Leadership Summer School, hosted at the prestigious Yale University. Students will tackle the challenges of preserves life on planet earth as they collaborate in small groups to generate solutions to some of the most challenging issues facing humanity. This programme exposes students to how the fields of climate science, politics, law and leadership can work together to beat extinction.

Explore the fields of political science, climate science and international affairs through exciting case studies.

Collaborate with a team of delegates to tackle some of the grand challenges facing your generation as you work to publish the “2024 Accords”—a list of ideas and innovations created by students and their peers. Be inspired by extraordinary global thought leaders and diverse faculty working on the front lines of climate change, water resources, food instability, and wildlife conservation.


Location Yale University
For Ages 16-18 years
Duration 2 weeks
Course Dates
  • 30th Jun to 13th Jul
  • 14th Jul to 27th Jul
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See Our Racing Extinction Programme in Action

Watch our Racing Extinction trailer to see how students on our programme learnt invaluable leadership skills whilst discussing the biggest issue in the modern world: climate change. Hear directly from students and teachers about the confidence students develop, and how it prepares them to become a leader of the future.

The Empire State Building in New York, which students will visit on our Summer Courses in Yale

The Yale Experience

Watch our Summer Courses in Yale trailer to hear from students and teachers about the transformative experiences they had whilst attending programmes in Yale. See the amazing university campus venues of our lessons and parties whilst students speak about their academic learning. Also, hear students on making international friends against the backdrop of their trip to New York.

Racing Extinction Summer Course in Yale Details

In designing a programme to prepare the next generation of global leaders, we recognised that our educational offer must have at its heart solutions to climate change as humankind and its environment face unprecedented existential risks. This uniquely interdisciplinary course, drawing together global politics, leadership, and sustainability, offers conscientious young students from all over the world the opportunity to put their heads together in mapping out how we can win the race against extinction.

We pride ourselves on being the world’s most international summer school, having seen students of over 175 nationalities represented since our foundation in 2005. This is ideal for the purposes of this programme, as it allows for rich comparisons and debates surrounding different countries’ approaches to the existential threats posed by climate change, and fosters a spirit of international collaboration. Students will make friends to last a lifetime, and will be able to draw on this unique global network for years to come as they pursue careers in sustainability and development.

We are privileged to work with expert faculty in global sustainability and leadership. Students will benefit from their years of experience, as they partake in a highly interactive and inclusive learning environment which incorporates workshops, seminars, and debates. Tackling wide-ranging issues at the intersection climate change and international government over 20+ hours of intensive tuition per week, they will:

– Critically analyse the aims and methods of different strategies and climate change campaigns, including the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN

– Confront popular myths about climate change, and address points of global contention through diplomatic debate and dialogue among peers

– Learn how to use research and monitoring methods, including qualitative data, to build a report or proposal for climate action

– Identify different political theories and ideologies from a perspective of climate action

Many of our attendees will be contemplating a career in a variety of high impact sectors. We endeavour to provide them with a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical skills, instilling in them the confidence to pursue their life’s ambitions. Students will:

– Identify and explore roles within high impact sectors, such as climate science, law, government, diplomacy, or sustainable enterprise

– Learn about the role of the business sector in climate action through drafting a sustainable business bid

– Engage in a mock United Nations summit on climate change, and draft their own charter of ‘2024 Yale Accords’ – a list of ideas and innovations to tackle climate change globally

– Study and implement techniques and analytical methods for application in wildlife & biodiversity conservation and management

Global leadership, whether as a politician or a diplomat, a conservationist or a conscientious executive, requires not only expertise in one’s field, but also exceptional interpersonal or ‘soft’ skills. Both inside and outside of the classroom, students will benefit from ample opportunities to hone their leadership abilities – they will: 

– Develop public speaking through regular debates, both in academic sessions and as part of our extracurricular debating society

– Practice negotiation and compromise through collaboration with students and professionals from a wide variety of international backgrounds

– Learn from the expertise of headline speakers, all of whom have achieved excellence as leaders in their respective fields

– Master time and project management abilities, whether working alone or as a member of a team towards formative deadlines

Effective learning is only possible through a harmonious balance of work and leisure time. We do our best to deliver students an enjoyable programme of extracurricular activities, so that they’ll have plenty of time to make great memories with their newfound friends. Our attendees will have the opportunity to:

– Enjoy a vibrant social calendar, including karaoke nights, talent shows, and team-building treasure hunts

– Participate in a wide range of sports suitable for all, from young athletes to total beginners

– Benefit from cultural excursions to sites around their campus and university town, including museum visits and walking tours

– Enjoy a thrilling day out to New York

Responding to a need for ecological conscientiousness in politics, this programme prepares the next generation of leaders for responsible government. Students will conduct stakeholder analysis on political organisations and actors – concentrating, naturally, on climate change issues – and learn to design and measure the success of campaigns for sustainability. Our emphasis on dialogue and debate is key to preparing young people to take a fair and diplomatic approach towards global leadership matters.

Following participation in a Racing Extinction UN Mock Summit, for which student-delegates will implement and apply the research and design methods they have studied, attendees will collaborate on formulating a ‘2024 Yale Accords’ charter. They will analyse the issue and current actions, ideate solutions, and offer their unique recommendations, pulling together everything they have learned over the course of the two weeks.

Students will enjoy stepping back from their studies after a day’s hard work and going on culturally enriching excursions around Yale University and New Haven. These will include walking tours, museum trips, cinema trips, and recreational activities such as bowling. Over the mid-programme weekend, students will go on a day-trip to New York, to imbibe quintessential American culture. In previous years, this has involved trips to Statue of Liberty, Times Square, or Central Park.

Students at the world’s top universities work incredibly hard, but make no mistake: they don’t skimp on having fun to reward their efforts. Attendees of our Racing Extinction Summer Programme will be able to let their air down and celebrate their hard work at two show-stopping events over the duration of the summer school: a mid-programme celebration, and a final formal graduation followed by a party at an illustrious venue.

Full timetable

To view a full sample timetable of our Climate, Politics, & Global Leadership Summer School, click here.

Typical Day

  • 8AM: Students wake up for breakfast on campus before heading to lessons
  • 9AM: Morning lessons, with two short breaks
  • 1PM: Lunch break for students to buy food and explore the city with friends
  • 2PM: Afternoon lessons
  • 3:30PM: Business academic workshop to develop key skills, or cultural activities such as punting
  • 6PM: Dinner on campus
  • 7PM: Study support sessions
  • 8PM: Public Speaking and Debate Society, Shaping your Future Seminar Series
  • 9PM: Social activities such as quiz nights, movie nights or karaoke
  • 10:30PM: Curfew

Week One

The programme will kick off bright and early on Monday with introductory seminars evaluating grand challenges posed by climate change and related sustainability issues, such as global hunger and diminishing water resources. These will continue throughout the week, moving on to cover plans of action across government, policy, economic management, conservation, and sustainable business practices. Students’ academic calendar will be interspersed with enrichment activities such as cultural excursions, study support and life skills workshops, and opportunities to hone public speaking skills through our debating society, meeting in the evenings. The week will wrap up with a Friday night mid-programme party, and over the weekend, students will enjoy an exciting day out to a New York.

Week Two

Week two commences with a focus on practices related to wildlife and conservation, as well as ethical production, which will be sustained through a series of seminars throughout the week. In this time, students will also begin to conduct research towards drafting their ‘2024 Oxford Accords’, meeting in a mock UN Summit ahead of an end-of-course presentation session to determine the precise challenges and contentions their charters must tackle. Over these final days, students will also engage with location-wide events, such as the Oxford Royale Headline Address and the Debate Grand Final. Finally, after presenting on their innovations for the ‘Yale Accords’, attendees will see their hard work rewarded at an illustrious graduation ceremony, followed by a final party where they’ll celebrate in style with their friends.

An Oxford Royale Graduation Certificate

What's Included

  • Residential on the prestigious campus of Yale University

  • Inspiring programme taught by experts

  • Graduation ceremony, report cards and graduation certificate

  • International student community with over 170 nationalities represented since 2004

  • Accommodation, breakfast and dinner, tuition and cultural programmes included

  • 17.5 hours of tuition per week

  • Inspirational cultural programmes

Watch our video Graduation 2023

How You'll Learn

Escape ordinary classroom teaching and learn through interactive and immersive lessons.


Hands-on classes designed to help students learn through practical application.


An interactive forum with an expert in the field, giving students valuable insights into related and new topics.

Guest Speakers

Successful and famous guest speakers offer students the chance to pose their most important questions.

Interactive Lectures

Dynamic lectures given by passionate teachers packed with facts and viewpoints to engage the audience.


Essential for honing students' reasoning abilities and public speaking skills.

Group Projects

An opportunity to work closely with, and learn from, different perspectives.


Working in pairs and small groups, students have plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate.

Challenge Days

Apply the skills and knowledge gained throughout your two-week programme in an immersive full day simulation event.

Exciting Activities and Trips

Visit New York

Visit New York and experience the excitement of this world-famous city. From landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, to cultural venues like the Museum of Modern Art, and unmissable tourist destinations from Central Park all the way to Broadway!

See our exclusive events Explore New York

Walking Tour of New Haven

A guided tour of New Haven will help you feel like a local in this historic university city: as the first planned city in the whole of the US it is easy to navigate, and your guide gives you a chance to see the magnificent Gothic architecture and vibrant local scenery.

Yale summer school, experience life at Yale University, join exciting trips and activities, explore the Beinecke library and ancient manuscripts.

Manuscript Library

Experience history at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the literary archive of Yale University. One of the largest buildings dedicated to rare books, the library contains more than a million books– a book-lover’s dream!

Summer school students graduating


Celebrate the end of your course in style at your Oxford Royale graduation. Have the chance to dress in your best clothes and receive a certificate that showcases all your hard work during the course, joined with the new friends you’ve made.

See our exclusive events Graduation 2023

“I chose to come to Oxford Royale because I wanted to have a first experience of the subject I wanted to do, and have a first insight into what it’s like to study at university. I love the classes and the teachers are great, and I have met some lifelong friends from all over the world.”

Laura, Italy

“I think Oxford Royale has been an absolutely invaluable experience, and it is perfectly exemplified in the slogan of the programme: travel to learn and learn to travel. Meeting new people and living independently has perfectly prepared me for what I will be doing in the years to come.”

Quinn, United States of America


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I had an absolutely incredible time doing Summer school with Oxford Royale Academy! I learnt new things about myself and the world around me, and would definitely recommend to others!

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I loved the Oxford Royal program, I met many people with bright personalities and unique minds, and I also learned a lot from the teachers, campus staff etc. You will enjoy it!

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Oxford Royals Academy made my summer amazing! I learned many new things and I met people from all over the world that I know I can call true friends. I definitely recommend ORA to anyone who wants to make unforgettable memories!

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The twelve days I spent in Oxford Summer School were very happy, the teachers were very kind and professional, and the curriculum was very reasonable, which expanded my knowledge. All the courses mean a lot to me and I hope I can come back next summer.

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The oxford royale academy was definitely the highlight of my summer. I have not only learnt more about the course I have chosen, but I've also met a lot of new friends, friendly staff and helpful teachers from different cultures all in the same campus and had a lot of unforgettable memories.

Quotation mark


Oxford Royale was a great expreince. It was amazing to get to know people all over the globe and form life long relationships.

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Summer Schools for ages 13-18 (University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and the University of California, Berkeley and Yale University) – £1295 GBP for each 2-week session

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  • Classes and tuition
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  • Personalised academic reports and graduation certificate
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  • A wide selection of afternoon and evening activities
  • Coach excursions (kindly note that excursions can be to local attractions or to sites further afield)
  • Welcome and graduation events
  • A multitude of extras, including an Oxford Royale notebook and branded clothing

Yes, students will be awarded an Oxford Royale Graduation Certificate in their chosen programme upon satisfactory completion of the programme. This will be presented in a graduation ceremony on the final evening of the programme.

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Period Before Start Date Total Refunded
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