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Bring a Friend

Why We Encourage You to Bring a Friend

Connection is at the heart of the Oxford Royale experience. Our programmes offer a dynamic, highly interpersonal learning environment, giving bright young people a unique opportunity to meet and develop their ideas with a community of like-minded students from every corner of the globe. Where living and studying with these newfound peers will push you to expand your intellectual and cultural horizons, there is also much to be said for embarking on this adventure with a friend by your side. Sharing an Oxford Royale summer will take you further together as you engage in international travel, intellectual collaboration, and mapping out your future careers, whether you have your sights set on a top medical school or dream of building a business.


Peace of Mind for Parents

For the discerning parent, we understand that watching your child venture out for the first time can be daunting, especially if they are travelling abroad. While we assure the safety and comfort of our students, the knowledge that your child is accompanied by a peer, as well as the chance to keep in touch with another family on the same journey, can soothe attendant anxieties about being apart for the first time.

Share the Opportunity of a Lifetime

From our conversations with students and schools all around the world, we are conscious that not all ambitious students and their families are aware of the world of opportunities that lies within reach at Oxford Royale. It is our hope that our esteemed customers will spread the word about the exceptional quality of our enrichment programmes, so that more of the best young minds can reap the benefits. After a life-changing summer, there is nothing better than returning home with a memory shared.


“I have never done anything like this before, it is my first time away from my parents, but it is really cool and I like the feeling of being independent and staying in your room with a roommate, going to classes, and then having free time to hang out or work on assignments.” –  Cooper, USA

“Our daughter had attended other summer schools, but ORA is a totally different experience. It has helped her understand some challenges, but it also gave her lifetime moments of happiness and friendship. She now feels she’s in charge of her future. There was definitely a little sadness at leaving the best summer of her life, and I really appreciate Oxford Royale for giving her an experience that doesn’t come up often.” – Gard, Norway

“If you are thinking of coming to Oxford Royale, I would tell everyone to do it in a heartbeat. Even if you are only 10% interested in something, just do it. You will arrive and even if you aren’t that set on your subject, this is a whole experience. If you are really interested in the subject, this is the most beneficial and exciting experience possible.” – Florence, New Zealand

“My favourite experience that is not academic has been the things we do in the evenings, the karaoke night, the talent shows, it’s a really fun bonding experience to get to do with your friends.” – Maya, Spain

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