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Explore the colleges of the University of Cambridge from the convenience of your own home with these virtual tours provided by the University of Cambridge. This page provides a rare opportunity to observe the academic communities that make Cambridge such a remarkable place to study and reside.

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Discover the beauty and rich history of the University of Cambridge with a stunning virtual tour of its iconic sites and landmarks. Immerse yourself in the university’s unique character and see some of the world’s most famous academic buildings, and historic cobbled streets. Get a taste of what it’s like to be a student at this prestigious institution in this breathtaking video.

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It was very nice and the experience at Cambridge was amazing! I made a lot of new friends and made a lot of memorable memories. I also really enjoyed all the activities such as punting and then the party. I hope to do this again.

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After going to Clare College in Cambridge as an ORA Exploring Engineering and Technology student, I must admit that I was impressed. The councillors and deans were friendly, yet professional, and of course always helpful. The course itself was outstanding. Our teacher was great and the lessons were educational and exciting. During the 2 week period, we had a lot of freedom and were allowed to visit the town (after our lessons) in small groups after the first few days (as long as we signed out and were back at the college by 6 PM. The optional and compulsory activities organised by the camp were fun and they allowed the students to make new friends. Our safety was clearly the staffs number one priority and they always checked up on us to make sure that we were ok. The food was not the best, but we were allowed to buy food from the town and bring it to our dorms to snack on. It was overall a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in going to an educational summer camp!

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I’m Paula Garcia Charques, I’m sixteen and I’m from Spain, Barcelona. It has been a pleasure to spend 2 of my summers in a Oxfor Royale Academy summer course, at Clare College (Cambridge), in 2018 and 2019. Both years I took the New Perspective (13-15 years old) course, even though I had chosen different subjects each year. Everything was so amazing and better than I expected. So great that I have lived the experience twice. Although I was far from home it felt like I was in it. Getting to know other students from other countries was incredible and becoming friends with some of them even better. Also the teachers were very kind and attentive, paying attention to every student and making sure everyone was following the class with no problem. Of course the installations and staff in there were also impressively good. As a conclusion I can just thank ORA for the unique opportunity, and hoping to come soon another summer. ThankYou.

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The activities were amazing and everything was organised perfectly. I really liked the fact I could combine having fun, being independant and also improve my knowledge. I made new friends and I met people from all over the world. My favourite activity although I liked all of them was the masterclass and the punting. I feel very lucky I had the chance to go to the campus and I will never forget this experience which I wish everybody could have.

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My name is Serly. I am from Armenia. Armenia is a small country, but it is home to a global nation. As for my ORA experience, I am afraid I cannot find appropriate words to describe my incredible experience in Cambridge Clare College, which was my dream to be accommodated in one of the world known university college. I had the opportunity to take the New Perspective course, which included three academic up-to-date subjects of my interest. They definitely helped me to discover my unknown power, gifts and arose curiosity in different fields. We had amazing teachers who did not only teach us but guide us through the way. Besides the academic excellence that I was prone to there, I had the privilege to enjoy super diverse environment, which was unbelievable. We learnt how to respect others ideas and experience that nice feeling to be sitting next to a person with different background, different nationality and different skin color. Literally, it is the best experience I have ever had so far. ORA made me feel fulfilled, accomplished, safe, motivated. All in all, if you want to have lots of WOW and eye opening moments, give a try and join ORA!

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A once in a lifetime, quintessentially English (right down to the cream tea), experience this summer at Caire College in beautiful Cambridge. The timetable was very well structured and there was always a choice of interesting activities to participate in. Genuine attention to detail and to pupils' individual needs and personalities where possible, was a huge plus. Very professional and motivated staff who have a genuine understanding and interest in teenagers. Thank you.