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Our Alumni

Our Alumni Success Stories

Since 2004, Oxford Royale has proudly welcomed over 30,000 extraordinary alumni from 176 countries across the globe. 

What begins as a mere two-week journey with us transcends into a lifelong connection, paving the way to remarkable achievements in personal, academic, and professional domains.

Our alumni stories speak volumes about the transformative power of the Oxford Royale experience. From every corner of the world, our students embark on a journey that extends far beyond the confines of our classrooms. They emerge not only enriched with knowledge but also equipped with the confidence, skills, and networks to navigate the complexities of the world.

From academic achievement to career milestones, personal ambitions to social responsibility, each and every one of our alumni stories is a success story.

Usama Bin Shafqat

Usama attended an Oxford Royale summer school in 2012 and found it to be a hugely beneficial experience, helping him to grow as a person and providing him with lots of fun and new friendships. He credits his successful application to Princeton in part to his experience with Oxford Royale, as he feels that it helped him to come across in interviews as a more rounded person, standing out from other applicants.

Usama's Story

Software Engineer, Google
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science: Princeton University

“Preparing my Oxford Royale application and attending the summer school was the highlight of
my year. Our group had a great vibe as everybody was motivated to socialise and try new things
in the short time we had together. Learning from new teachers with a different perspective gave
me a real boost. When the time came to apply to university I had the language, knowledge and
experiences to set myself apart as a serious candidate.”

Catarina Domingos

Catarina attended an Oxford Royale summer school in 2012, and found it to be an enriching and fulfilling experience. The opportunity to learn from people from all around the world was invaluable to her, and it cemented her feeling that she would continue her studies and seek a career in an international environment.

Catarina's Story

Business Consulting Analyst, Deloitte
Masters in Management, Nova School of Business and Economics; Bachelor’s in Business and Education

“I was keen to find out what university would be like and how it would feel to be on a degree
course. My time with Oxford Royale really showed me this. It also encouraged me to think on
a much wider scale, and confirmed my desire to be in an international environment. I really
enjoyed the debates, the interactive group projects and the classes that were outside the main
subject of our course, aimed at broadening our horizons. The work on my Oxford Royale course
was challenging, but tackling such a challenge at that stage gave me confidence for the future.”

Thibaut Monfort-Micheo

Thibaut attended an Oxford Royale summer school in 2015, where he enjoyed experiencing a different style of education and came to understand what was needed for him to get a
place at a top UK university. He gained a degree in materials engineering at Imperial College London and rapidly went on to co-found his own company, creating innovative packaging from sustainable materials.

Thibaut's Story

Co-founder and Head of R&D, Flex-Sea
MEng: Imperial College London

“My Oxford Royale course really confirmed my belief that I wanted to go to university in the UK
and helped me to understand what I needed to do to get there. This decision, and studying at
Oxford Royale, has been the foundation for my career; I gained a degree in Engineering from
Imperial College London and then jointly founded a company. We’re developing a new edible,
biodegradable material based on seaweed that is set to revolutionise the packaging industry.
Learning with Oxford Royale was so enjoyable, it didn’t feel like studying at all.”

Konstantinos Barmpas

Konstantinos attended Oxford Royale’s Engineering course in 2015. Hailing from a small town in Greece, this was his first taste of life as a student studying abroad. The experience enabled him to grow in confidence, and he learned new skills that would later help him during his studies at Imperial College London, one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

Konstantinos' Story

Machine Learning Engineer, Cogitas
MEng, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London
PhD in Machine Learning & Computing, Imperial College London

“My time at Oxford Royale was a transformative experience. I had always dreamed of studying
abroad, but it seemed like an impossible goal. In two short weeks, the summer school showed
me that my dream was within reach. We visited Imperial College London, and I was immediately
impressed by the university’s world-class facilities and vibrant student community and Imperial
became my first choice for further study. Thanks to Oxford Royale I am living my dream.”

Hear from our recent alumni

Our exceptional academic programme play an integral part in our students’ wider academic journey, but every year we also receive incredible feedback about the ways in which our programmes have impacted our students, whether in their decision making process, opening their eyes to new perspectives, allowing them to taste life studying their favourite subject, or simply making new friends and building their confidence!


Claudia, Spain

Oxford Royale gave me an insight into a university course I was interested in. Apart from the great academic courses the activities were extremely enjoyable and unforgettable. I really recommend Oxford Royale to everyone who wants to gain an insight into what university is like.

Sean, USA

I met friends that I value more than friends I’ve known for longer periods of time. I learned more about medicine than I did in a full year of Biology at my IBDP school. This truly changed my life and my point of view on bring a Doctor.

Zeynep, Turkey

It was definitely one of the best summers of my life and I enjoyed every single day of it. I got to make countless new friends from all around the world. I’ve experienced so many new things and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to join Oxford Royale.

Violette, USA

I wanted to exercise my independence in preparation for college, and felt that going overseas in a new country would be an excellent way to do that. The courses at Oxford Royale appealed to me most as there is a good mix of teaching hours and excursions and free time.