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Accessibility of Venues

Access Arrangements

Oxford Royale Academy is committed to a culture of inclusion for students with disabilities. This includes the accessibility of the accommodation sites, teaching sites, and sites at which our extracurricular activities take place.

The venues used by Oxford Royale Academy are contracted from third-party conferencing providers (principally colleges and/or departments of the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge; other universities including the Imperial College London, UC Berkeley and Yale University); and  for accommodation and teaching.

Each of these venues has their own accessibility statements and access arrangements in place. Should a student with a particular accessibility requirement register for a summer course with Oxford Royale Academy, and make us aware of the details of their requirement at least 60 days before the course start date (as per the ‘Medical, Religious and Disability Requirements’ section of our Key Policies and Procedures) we would work with the relevant venue owners to do all we can to accommodate the request, including but not limited to mutually agreeing temporary adjustments to access to a particular site.

Typically on an Oxford Royale summer programme, a student’s accommodation is determined by the course they choose. However, should a student with a particular access requirement make us aware of their needs well in advance, and the standard accommodation or teaching venue is deemed to require adjustments that are beyond what is possible, Oxford Royale Academy commits to assessing whether the needs of the student could be accommodated elsewhere, without sacrificing the enjoyment, safety and academic rigour of the programme for the student.

As per Oxford Royale Academy’s student disability policy, the requirements of those students who disclose a disability will be assessed on an individual basis.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Admissions Team who will connect you with one of our Operations Managers. Our team is very happy to discuss any individual requirements regarding accessibility, to ensure that students and their parents feel confident and can make the most of their study experience with us.

By email: [email protected]
By telephone: +44 (0) 1865 954800

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