10 Reasons to Join Our Global Leadership Programme This Summer!

1. Gain skills you won’t learn elsewhere

Image shows a student speaking to an audience at the Oxford Union. The programme explores every skill that you might need for future leadership, from public speaking to awareness of global affairs – not a combination you usually get all in one place.

2. Discuss world issues in a remarkable environment

Image shows Oxford from the top of Magdalen College. Oxford has educated 37 heads of government from 19 different countries (not including the UK), as well as more British Prime Ministers than any other university in the world.

3. … with a remarkable group of people

Image shows a drop of students in discussion. Students from 33 different countries took the Global Leadership Programme last year. Students from more than 100 different countries are attending Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s summer school this year. The diversity of viewpoints is hard to beat!

4. … in beautiful surroundings

Image shows Lady Margaret Hall.The stunning Lady Margaret Hall and St Hugh’s College will be the homes of the Global Leadership Programme this year, offering first-class facilities, inspiring architecture and beautiful gardens.

5. Mix theory with workshops and seminars

Image shows three students working outside.Global Leadership isn’t about sitting in front of a lecturer making notes all the time – it’s about discussion, debate and learning from your peers as well as your teacher.

6. Become a top-notch debater and speechwriter

Image shows a student raising her hand in a debate.Among the skills you’ll learn from the Global Leadership Programme are public speaking and debate: how to write and present a great speech, and then defeat your opponent’s response to it.

7. Learn about politics, economics and international relations

Image shows a whiteboard with "What is justice?" written on it.You can also expect to get a thorough grounding in the academic fields that are essential for political leadership.

8. Visit the Houses of Parliament

Image shows the Houses of Parliament.All students on the Global Leadership Programme get the chance to explore the world-famous Houses of Parliament, the home of British democracy.

9. Express yourself with confidence

Image shows students raising their hands in class.Leaders are seldom shy and retiring – but if you’re not confident about speaking out, don’t worry! ORA prioritises constructive conversations in classes, so you can increase your confidence over the duration of the course.

10. Have a fantastic time

Image shows ORA students at graduation. Taking a course with Oxford Royale Summer Schools isn’t just about learning fascinating things in the classroom and increasing your future chances (though we prioritise those things as well). It’s also packed with excursions, activities and parties, and the Global Leadership Programme is no exception.
With spaces still available for 19th July – 1st August and 2nd August – 15th August, now is a great time to book for the Global Leadership Programme ➙
Image credits: Oxford; Lady Margaret Hall; Parliament.