Oxford Royale Summer Schools just got technical.

Oxford and Cambridge might be famous for turning out a continuous roll of philosophers and linguists, which is what many people think of when they enrol on an Oxford Royale Summer Schools course. Although we are not affiliated with the universities themselves, and even if you’re not inclined towards the humanities, you will still be more than satisfied with our course offering this summer.
In addition to our most popular study options, we now offer a range of technical STEM subjects at our award-winning summer schools. And there is something for every age group.

For 8-12 year old students:

A young boy and girl look at a laptop, thinking.
Our youngest students are exposed to the fascinating worlds of coding and game development. For many this will be for the first time in their educational lives. Coding with Scratch offers youngsters (grouped by age) the chance to use MIT’s preferred coding language to create simple games and control robots, whereas the Game Creation course offers a more in-depth insight into game construction using the Construct 2 engine.

For 13-15 year old students:

Three girls look at a laptop and a video camera.
Younger teens will be delighted by our latest course offerings – Introduction to Robotics and Introduction to iOS App Coding. Students will learn the basic theory of making and controlling robots using Raspberry Pi and Python, or design and build their own app using Swift programming. Whether they are creating an app, or programming their robot not to run into the wall, there is hours of fun to be had. 

For 16-18 year old students:

Two boys look at a laptop, grinning.
Older teens will take on their younger counterparts with the Summer Robotics Programme and iOS App Development Programme. Robotics students will become acquainted with Arduino robot kits and C++, while App Development students will explore the XCode environment and Swift programming for building their own apps. These courses will see older students able to produce significantly more complex robotic systems and applications than their younger counterparts. 

For 19-25 year old students:

Three boys and a girl look at their computers, concentrating.
iOS App Programming and Web Development is also on offer for our adult students, with a more extensive suite, including Xcode basics, Core iOS, Cocoa Touch Frameworks, Swift, MVC Architecture, HTML5, Javascript, and much more. Whether students are at university, or are already in work, this course will add an edge to their skills and can make them more attractive to potential employers. 
If you are technologically minded – or if the opposite is the case and you wish it weren’t – you need no prior experience in any of these courses in order to make the most of them.
Places are always very popular for our newest courses, so secure your place while you still can.