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Game Creation for ages 8-12

Game Creation for ages 8-12

ORA’s Game Creation summer course, for ages 8-12, allows students to make their first steps into the world of programming in a fun, creative and engaging way.

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Course Summary

The Game Creation course is designed to introduce young students to the world of computer game coding; providing them with practical experience and helping them to develop transferable skills for future educational endeavours.

Students will use the Construct 2 or Construct 3 engines to create cross-platform 2-dimensional games. They will start from design, set up the layout and add logic, movements and win conditions, all without previous experience in game making.

For those interested in a longer programming experience, this course can be combined with Coding with Scratch to make a two-week coding summer school.

What to expect from the Game Creation course

Students will begin by learning about the building blocks of video games, including graphics, actions and events. Participants will then make their own playable space-themed game, determining how a character is controlled, how the opponents in the game behave, and how the storyline and challenges progress.

By producing functioning games, students will gain an appreciation of how to plan and manage a small game coding project. This will be a useful transferable skill for school projects and future careers.


Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will have gained:


Topics Covered

During this intensive one-week game development course, students will cover all the key skills required to build simple games, including:


Day Topic

Monday Lesson 1: Introductions
Lesson 2: Introduction to Construct 3
Lesson 3: Game Objects
Lesson 4: Game Object Behaviors and First Game
Tuesday Lesson 5: Principles of ‘Design, Build, Test’
Lesson 6: Space-themed Game 1
Lesson 7: Space-themed 2
Lesson 9: Space-themed 3
Wednesday Field Trip
Thursday Lesson 9: Write Test
Lesson 10: Game templates and Game Exports
Lesson 11: Game Creation Assessment
Lesson 12: Game Creation Assessment
Friday Lesson 13: Introduce Group Task Challenge
Lesson 14-15: Group Task
Lesson 16: Group Presentations


Take this course if…

Take this course if you would like to learn how to create your own game from scratch and learn valuable programming skills.


St Mary’s School

  • Location Ascot
  • Ages Ages: 8-12
  • Bedroom Type Twin & dormitory
  • Bathroom Type Shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1885

Uppingham School

  • Location Uppingham
  • Ages Ages: 8-12
  • Bedroom Type Twin & dormitory
  • Bathroom Type Shared (single gender)
  • Year Built Founded in 1584

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