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Coding with Scratch for ages 8-12

Coding with Scratch for ages 8-12

The Coding with Scratch course for ages 8-12, from Oxford Royale Academy, is designed to introduce students to the exciting world of coding, in a fun and engaging way. During an exciting week of learning, students will learn how to write code and then apply those new skills to a variety of projects. This will include navigating a robot through a maze and building a basic platform game.

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Course Summary

This one-week course is designed to provide an interactive, enjoyable and thorough introduction to the world of coding. With a strong practical focus, students will learn how to apply the theories covered in class through individual and group projects, acquiring a range of transferable skills – including teamwork, discussion, presentation skills and problem-solving – in the process.

Scratch is a visual programming language developed by a team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), designed to introduce young students to coding. Scratch makes learning to code fun and simple, allowing students to be inventive and creative as they gain confidence and knowledge of the fundamentals of coding and computer science.

What to expect from the Coding with Scratch course

Participants on this course will discover the basics of programming through learning what goes into making a programme – including variables, control blocks and procedures. In learning these concepts, students will begin to develop their ‘computational thinking’ skills. This will help them to understand issues and manufacture coding solutions to technological problems. It is a way of thinking that will help students avoid getting stuck, and give them the tools and attributes to successfully problem solve.



Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will:


Topics Covered

This intensive week of computational study covers all the key questions behind relevant coding theories, such as:



Monday Introduction to Scratch Environment
Tuesday Design Thinking and Drawing with Scratch
Wednesday Field Trip
Thursday Advanced Scratch: more features, debugging
Friday Programming the Sphero Sprk + Robot


Take this course if…

Take this course if you want to learn coding in an exciting and creative way and produce five computer programs.


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