More spaces available on popular Broadening Horizons options

Good news for students interested in our Broadening Horizons programme – there are now more spaces available in sessions 3 and 4 in Political Science and International Relations, Experimental Psychology, and Leadership and Teambuilding.

Image shows St Catherine's College.
St Catherine’s College, where several Broadening Horizons options are taught.

Extra places have been opened due to exceptionally high demand for these options, and they are already filling fast.
In Political Science and International Relations, students learn about democratic politics and explore the issues affecting governments and people around the world today, taking an international perspective.
Experimental Psychology combines a grounding in the fundamental concepts of psychology with the chance for students to design and carry out their own psychological experiments, gaining insight into their own personalities and development.

The Leadership and Teambuilding workshop uses interactive activities to hone the skills that students will require to be effective leaders and good team players, allowing them to explore where in any given team their skills might best be used.

All three options take place in St Catherine’s College, which is part of the University of Oxford. St Catherine’s College is relatively new college, combining the traditional layout of an Oxford college with striking and celebrated functionalist architecture in glass and concrete. Despite its relatively short existence, it already has several Nobel Prize winners among its notable alumni.
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