Magnificent Summer Events for ORA Students

As we explained last week, with the start of the summer school approaching fast, we have just too many great events and activities on offer to have had the chance to talk about each one individually.

Image shows ORA students at a party.
ORA students at Eynsham Hall.

So, last Saturday we went through all the brilliant interactive workshops we’ll have on offer, and this week, we’ll be looking at all the other exciting events and activities that ORA students will get the chance to participate in. There wouldn’t be time for every student to do every activity, but as you’ll see, there’s so much to do that you’re sure to be kept thoroughly entertained.
One of the very first events of each session, which all students will take part in, will be the quiz night with a huge variety of questions and delicious prizes for the winning teams. It’s a brilliant way to get to know your fellow students when the summer school is just starting.
But don’t think that it’s all about your general knowledge skills! We’ll also be holding a talent show in the second week of the session, so that students will get a chance to demonstrate all kinds of skills – from stand-up to singing, or maybe even some of the circus skills they might have picked up in the workshop. Regardless of what your talent happens to be, this will be the moment to let it shine.

Image shows someone holding a chinchilla.
Chinchillas are critically endangered.

For animal lovers, there are two different great events coming to ORA this summer. For students aged 16-18, we’ll be visited by Falconry UK with their amazing variety of birds of prey, which students will get to hold. This could include hawks, eagles, vultures and owls. For students aged 13-15, there’ll be a chance to interact with exotic animals from the Animal Man. There will be a variety of animals, including spiders, frogs, snakes and maybe even a chinchilla, meerkat or armadillo.
On a different theme, a Fellow from the Royal Astronomical Society will be bringing their Astronomy Roadshow to ORA this summer. Inside an inflatable planetarium, students will get the chance to learn all about astronomy from the experts.
Finally, in addition to our glamorous parties, there’ll also be a club night for all students aged 16-18. Located at the Bridge in Oxford, this is a safe environment in which to meet students from other ORA campuses and let your hair down!
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