Guest Speakers Set to Make Summer 2018 an Oratory Experience to Remember

Guest Speaker Diego Gilardoni.
Every year, we strive to ensure that we provide a roster of Guest Speakers, whose topics of choice are interesting, relevant and current. Below we showcase some of our best speakers for 2018:

Dr James Borrell

Dr James Borrell is a conservation scientist, known for his adventurous expeditions to locations such as the Peruvian rain forest, the Rub’al Khali (Empty Quarter) of the Arabian Desert, the jungles of Borneo, and the Arctic Circle. Dr Borrell has many adventures to share with our students, and plenty of advice on the topic of conservation and how we can preserve our world. He is keen to recruit a new generation of conservation scientists, and his talks are always thrilling, yet sobering at the same time.

Jeremias Prassl Phd

Jeremias works principally in the fields of Corporate and Employment Law, and European Law, with a focus on Civil Aviation. Fragmented labour markets, private equity, and air passenger rights are some of his favourite topics. He also lectures regularly on Law Ethics, and this summer there are hints that his talk will be about how this relates to artificial intelligence. The exact topic is to be confirmed, so our students will be sure to hear something unusual and informative.

Pip Stewart

A journalist and presenter, Pip Stewart is above all, an adventurer. She cycled from Malaysia to London in 2013, sparking off a series of daring global adventures, with the dual purpose of highlighting the environmental plight in many of the places she visits. Pip’s latest adventure involves being part of the first team to kayak the full length of the Essequibo River in Southern Guyana – from source to sea. We are sure her stories will captivate and delight our students this summer.

Kyle Grant DPhil

Astrobiologist Kyle Grant studies microbiology and synthetic biology with regard to the life cycle of plants, and is looking for new ways plants can be encouraged to function better in their natural environment, or even in a totally alien one – we believe crops grown on the Moon may be involved. Students who are interested in microbiology would be fascinated to hear about Kyle’s plans for the future of our food.

Jenny Garrett

Jenny Garrett is an award-winning coach and author. A champion for female breadwinners the world over, she uses her coaching and leadership skills to empower women to deliver life-changing results in their working lives. Jenny coaches her clients on how they can advance their careers and regularly gives TED talks on the subject. Her talk to our students is bound to be full of passion and advice for how get ahead- no matter your gender.

Professor Karthik Ramanna

The Professor of Business and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, Professor Ramanna’s field of expertise includes regulation and decision making in the field of finance, and the role of business leaders in governing capital-market societies. He will be presiding over the Great ORA Debate this summer, speaking on the discussed legislation intended to ban “fake news”, and whether it is a bigger threat to democracy than “fake news” itself. He will then turn the floor over to our students to debate the topic themselves.
There are many more Guest Speakers lined up for our different locations during summer 2018, each with their own fascinating topic for discussion. No matter what you are studying, listen carefully to your speaker and decide how this topic relates to your own field of interest, and the world you want to enter when you graduate. You may hear something that helps you in the future.