Do you wish you had a time machine? | Oxford Royale Summer Schools

The beautiful quad of Queen’s College, Oxford.

If you joined us in 2017, you will now have access to the ORA Hub. You will be able to view and download professional photos from your lessons and excursions, so you can share your experiences on your social media feeds. Prospective universities do look at your social media accounts, and it would be a good idea to show them you didn’t just spend your summer contemplating your toenails.

You can renew those ORA toenails at home- now you can print off your certificates, too!

Have you lost your certificates from your course? Not to worry. All certificates can be downloaded from the ORA Hub at no cost…perfect for padding out your portfolio at those university interviews. Keep in touch with all your friends from the course via the forum section, and you can even keep them updated on your progress. Are you at university? In postgraduate study? Or have you embarked on a career? You should be proud of what you have achieved, and remember…a little bit of showing off never hurt anyone! Just be polite, that’s all we ask.
In addition we have a range of informative articles and stimulating news pieces to keep you occupied and fuel academic discussion with your peers, a free yearbook from your class which you can download for posterity, and you can even request a free ORA t-shirt…for more tangible proof of your summer’s lack of toenail-contemplation.
Do you want a friend to share your experience? Refer a friend to us through the ORA Hub, and we will send them all the information they need to enjoy an unforgettable summer with Oxford Royale, just like you did.

Images: toenails; ORA images