10 Reasons Why ORA Loves Balliol College

For half a decade now, Oxford Royale Summer Schools has been holding summer courses in the beautiful and ancient surroundings of Balliol College, part of the University of Oxford.
Here are the ten top reasons why we love holding summer courses in Balliol College – and why our students love it too.
1. It’s more than 750 years old.
Image shows the passage to the chapel in Balliol.
2. It educated three British prime ministers, five Nobel laureates and countless other notables.
Image shows the exterior of Balliol College.
3. Its buildings are stunningly beautiful.
Image shows a close-up of Balliol's windows.
4. Its gardens are delightful to look at and spend time in too.
Image shows the gate to the Fellows' Garden in Balliol.
5. Its Hall is as Hogwarts-y as anyone could want.
Image shows Balliol's stunning hall.
6. It’s as close to the centre of Oxford as can be.
Image shows Broad Street at dusk.
7. It’s at its best in summer, when you can study in the sunshine.
Image shows Balliol's Garden Quad in the summer.
8. There’s nothing that says ‘Oxford’ quite like Balliol’s ivy-covered sandstone.
Image shows Balliol buildings covered in ivy.
9. Stepping through its gates feels like entering another world.
Image shows the open front gate of Balliol.
10. … And even its gargoyles are studious!
Image shows a carving in Balliol of a man reading a book.
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Image credits: chapel passage, outside, inside, garden, hall, Broad Street, summer, ivy, open door, gargoyle.