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Why Study in the UK?

The UK is a very welcoming, highly diverse and popular destination for students.

Each year, over 250,000 international students come to the UK.
Coming to study in Britain will allow you to access our high quality teaching and will help you to develop skills for success in employment globally.

Lecturer in classroom

World-class teaching

A UK education is recognised all over the world by employers and universities.

The UK is seen to offer one of the highest quality learning environments with 4 out of 6 top universities being in the UK (QS World University Rankings).

The UK is known for its small class sizes and highly qualified teaching staff, which is integral to Oxford Royale Academy’s style of teaching.

Students walking across London bridge

An interesting place to live

The UK is a multicultural country which is full of interesting places to visit whilst here.

By living in the UK, students will have the opportunity to experience new cultures and meet people from different backgrounds. The UK is also well known for its varied cuisine, world-famous music festivals, West End stages and international sporting championships such as Wimbledon.

Choose from the historic university cities of Oxford, Cambridge or St Andrews, vibrant London or the market towns of Ascot or Uppingham to experience quintessentially rural England.

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Improve your employment prospects

British qualifications are recognised internationally and are valued by employers throughout the world, whilst the British education system is recognised as being academically vigorous.

In addition to our core courses, students here at Oxford Royale Academy have the chance to take supplementary study in university preparation and careers guidance to ensure they follow the employment path that suits them best.

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Transferable skills

Living in a new country alongside other students, who all come from different cultures, will develop your personal skills, such as adaptability, teamwork and independence, all of which are highly valued by potential employers.

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Improve your English

English is the worldwide language of employment whether it be in academia, technology, law or business.

By living and studying here in the UK, you will be taught in English, will speak the language everyday and will be immersed in English culture. Our social activities offer the chance to visit British cultural sites and offer the perfect opportunity to hone your language skills.

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