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Alumni Success

Alumni Success

Learn about some of the great achievements of our alumni.

Our Summer Schools bring together some of the brightest young minds from across the world.

Unsurprisingly, many of our former students have gone on to achieve great success -academically and beyond. We love hearing success stories from our brilliant ORA students, past and present.

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University Success

A course with Oxford Royale Academy can inspire students to apply to, and gain entry to, some of the best universities in the world. We’re very proud to say that ORA alumni are currently studying at each of the top 15 universities in the UK*, working towards qualifications in a wide range of subjects.

Ranking University Name Subjects Studied by ORA Alumni
1 University of Oxford                                     English, Theology & Religion
2 University of Cambridge Mechanical Engineering
3 University College London Computer Science, Geology
4 London School of Economics and Political Science Politics & Philosophy, Law, Management, Bio-Chemistry
5 London School of Economics and Political Science Politics & Philosophy, Law, Management, Bio-Chemistry
6 University of Edinburgh International Business, Philosophy, Economics
7 King’s College London Law, European Studies, Political Economy, Mathematics, Pharmacy, History & War Studies, Geography, Film Studies
8 University of Manchester Law, Optometry, Politics & International Relations
9 University of Bristol Aerospace Engineering, Law, Engineering
10 University of Warwick Psychology, Biomedical Sciences, Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE), Management, Film Studies
11 University of Glasgow History of Art
12 Durham University International Relations, Liberal Arts, English Literature
13 University of Sheffield Medicine
14 University of St Andrews Economics, International Relations
15 Queen Mary University London Economics, Geography, History, Law, Politics


*University ranking based on Times Higher Education’s 2017 UK University league table

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Tamas, an ORA alumni success story, smiling with his arms folded

Tamas - Introduction to Enterprise and Fashion and Textile Design, 2017

“In 2017, I attended Oxford Royale Academy, where I was inspired by guest speaker Ivan Beckley on the subject of good old-fashioned hard work being the catalyst for achieving goals, and a short story about the event is included in my book. I have a YouTube channel with over 7000 followers, where I discuss fashion and sneaker trends in three different languages. After I finish school, I plan to apply to Oxford University to study Management and Leadership.”

Group picture on steps

David - Medical School Preparation, 2017

“As a high school student in Siena, Italy, I wanted to help other teenagers to improve their studying opportunities, in order for a better education. So during my presidency at the Rotary Interact Club Siena in 2016, I organised many fund raising events such as dinners and lotteries to improve the local and the international community. Thanks to these occasions, together with the Rotary Clubs of Siena, Cambridge and Heldenberg Sunrise, I afford to raise the economic support for the refurbishment of Macassar High School’s library in South Africa and for the creation of a psychological recovery centre in Siena for victims of violence and abuse.”

#HijabEmoji two emojis wearing headscarfs, proposed by Rayouf an ORA alumni

Rayouf - New Perspectives, 2016

“A week before summer came to an end, I submitted a proposal to Unicode Consortium requesting a headscarf emoji. The initial reason for writing this proposal was the mere notion that I wanted an image on the keyboard to represent me, alongside, the millions that wear the headscarf as a part of their daily life. But now, that this campaign has received global attention from newspapers, radios and news channels (CNN, BBC, AJ+ and the New York Times) I was able to delve deeper into the topic of the importance of representation. Fortunately, the proposal has passed this November after I flew out to San Francisco to present to the Unicode Technical Committee! It was implemented in June 2017. If you just update your phone, you will be able to use it. I have received a lot of support from my friends at ORA. They always want me to keep them updated! ORA has definitely shaped my perception towards different cultures and individuals, which I believe indirectly influenced my efforts for a hijab emoji.”

Nosher (Pakistani student) stood by The Wall of Kindness, Hunza, Pakistan

Nosher, Aymun & Musa - PAK Care Foundation

While attending ORA three young Pakistani, Aymun Imran, Musa Ashar and Nosher Ali Khan Zapoh, met during lunch on their ORA programme. Their conversations quickly evolved from small talk to how they could contribute to a better Pakistan? That was when the idea of forming a NGO came to life as they founded PAK Care Foundation. More fellows joined them on their mission of empowering young people via education. One of the ORA Scholars, Nosher Khan, traveled to the remote valley of Hunza amongst the Himalaya and built a wall of kindness. It is the first Wall of Kindness in Hunza, and it is also the first of its kind in the world with a section reserved for books. The central idea is to promote the idea of sharing in the community of Hunza. People who have extra clothes and books can leave them in their designated spots on the wall, while those in need can take them and no questions will be asked. This Wall of Kindness not only helps underprivileged people but inspired many other people to build such walls to provide access to clothes and, more importantly, books.

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