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Oxford English Summer School

Learn English in Oxford

Home to a world-famous University and responsible for inspiring renowned authors like J. R. R. Tolkien, Oxford has been a centre of academic and educational excellence for more than nine hundred years. Check out why Oxford is still the world’s top destination for students wishing to improve their English language skills and why you should choose Oxford Royale Academy's award-winning English summer courses in the city.

English Courses in Oxford

AGES 13-15

Oxford Summer English for ages 13-15

An intensive English language immersion programme for international students aged 13-15.

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AGES 16-18

Oxford Summer English for ages 16-18

An intensive English language immersion programme for international students aged 16-18.

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AGES 16-18

IELTS Preparation for ages 16-18

A summer IELTS preparation programme designed for international students aged 16-18.

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12 reasons to choose Oxford Royale Academy's EFL Courses

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Studying in the city of Oxford, you’re constantly reminded of the people who have been there before you, in the same colleges and the same libraries for hundreds upon hundreds of years. 10 of the UK’s 26 Poets Laureate studied at Oxford, and the list of notable writers, poets and dramatists who studied here would make for an article in its own right.


Learn English in Oxford University colleges

EFL students at Oxford Royale Summer Schools have the particular privilege of the full Oxford University experience: here, you can live and learn in a college of the University of Oxford.


Top-quality EFL courses

At ORA, we make sure that our teaching staff is just as good as our location. All teachers on our EFL programmes are native English speakers and have at least a bachelor’s degree.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the English language

Grammar has always been a focus of education in Oxford; ORA courses cover all aspects of English language knowledge. Building on a solid foundation of grammatical knowledge, the courses address the fundamentals of any language: speaking, listening, reading and writing, but also focus on aids to communication like specialist vocabulary, pronunciation and colloquial English.


Teaching breadth and depth in the use of the English language

Students of EFL at Oxford Royale Summer Schools get exposed to a wide variety of different uses of English, going far beyond the usual EFL focus on essays and presentations (though gaining a thorough grounding in those important areas as well). For instance, on our EFL course for students aged 13-15, students will learn how to use English in circumstances as varied as travel itineraries, sonnets and recipes.


EFL teachers who understand your needs

Our teachers are not only well-qualified in EFL, they also have academic backgrounds that make them highly suited to our students’ needs. In 2013, more than 70% of our teaching staff were educated at or had worked for Oxford or Cambridge universities – and the remaining 30% are no academic lightweights, coming from prestigious universities like Durham and UCL.


Prepare for IELTS

Studying is often easier if you have a goal to aim for. Oxford Royale Summer Schools offers IELTS preparation courses for students aged 16-18. IELTS is one of the best-respected and most widely accepted English language qualifications in the world, and it has many advantages.


Gain skills for UK university admissions

Anyone in Oxford knows that one of the best reasons to study English is to gain access to English-language universities. Every single one of the world’s top ten universities (according to the QS World University Rankings) teaches in English, four of them located in the UK (the University of Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London, and of course the University of Oxford).


Enjoy a wide range of exciting activities

English isn’t just learned inside the classroom, and the central location of Oxford allows for a wide range of fun activities for students to enjoy while practising their language skills. Oxford is only 50 miles from London, where students can explore the famous museums, such as the British Museum, which houses an astonishing permanent collection of some 8 million cultural art objects and antiquities.


Learn English to enjoy the best career opportunities

Whether you’re 13 and just starting to think about future plans, or already well-established in a career, English can be essential for career progression. An EFL course equips you to communicate internationally, which is essential in an increasingly globalised world.


Fully accredited English courses

ORA is proud to have received a wide range of prestigious awards, as well as being fully accredited. These include the Queen’s Award for Enterprise from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, as well as Best Educational Product at the British Youth Travel Awards awarded by the British Educational Travel Association, which we have now won for the fourth time.


Where else but Oxford?

Of course we love Oxford – but then, it’s hard not to. Oxford is a beautiful place to stay, particularly in the summer. Its architecture wows every visitor; it’s said that in Oxford you can see a building of every architectural style since the arrival of the Saxons, who built the church tower of St Michael at the North Gate in 1040, which you can still climb today – and which offers stunning views over the city.


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