Students…gone, but not forgotten | Oxford Royale Summer Schools


It is at this time of year that we seek feedback from the students who come to us over the summer, so that we may constantly improve what we offer them.
And my, did we get what we asked for.
This lovely missive was penned by Jingzhou Du, as he waited for his flight connection on the way back to his home country. Jingzhou studied Business and Enterprise in Balliol College, and we could not hope for a more glowingly positive review of his time at Oxford Royale. Thank you Jingzhou!
Read his words below. (Given the tone of the rest of the review, we are going to assume that “dent in my universe” is a good thing!)

“I’m typing these letters in Dubai, waiting for my flight connection. But those memories in England with Oxford Royale will always live in my heart when I return to my home country, or even when I fly up to space in the future! An Oxford Royale summer school was really a masterpiece in my dreams. Engagement, pleasure and involvement are felt and innovations were made by me. It is extraordinarily amazing that a class could really make me feel so much progress and such deep involvement in such short period of time. Thanks to the active classes and the enlightening style provided by Oxford Royale, I could let myself feel free to explore the entire world of academic knowledge. Thanks to ORA, who provided me with such great experiences!

Arriving at one of the Oxford colleges -Balliol, above- for the first time is an unforgettable experience.

 I certainly have to talk about the different class experiences I’ve had in the curriculum. Classes are shown in comprehensive and vivid methods. I’ve received much more information in these classes than back to my hometown, and amazingly I caught all the points in classes, thanks to the structuralized textbooks and the efforts the Professor has made. Plus, Oxford Royale has given me a positive introduction to English-style class. Taught in classes with less than 20 people, students are taken care of carefully and points of views are spread out in a free way. In class, short interruptions that are contributive to the development are accepted and new topics of extension produced in this way is a shining point of Oxford as long as the advanced and mature teaching mode. I could CERTAINLY recommend Oxford Royale to students, especially those from China.
Following my Professor, Mr. Graham Cowgill, who has been with abundant, professional background experience and ultimate patience to explain and quote the basic theories of economy, so as to lead a beginner like me to enter this world of business and enterprise. Through his detailed explanations, varied extended resources provided, enlightening and orderliness schedule of curriculum, I was able to have the courage to face difficulties. To conclude, I’ve met and followed a very unforgettable and significant Professor. The most significant memory of him is the initiative help he provides me with. Graham just got into my team and did some checking and vital points were raised. When business analyses were done in the mission, he came and asked about each feature of the product, giving inspiring questions that are firmly linked to the business world and academic contents in the textbook.
Facing his questions the group made reassignments and new designs and the final results proved to be satisfactory. That is different from most teachers who directly provide answers. Another shining point of Graham is his encouragement and support after class. Each time I ask questions, he would always provide informative explanations and adopt the inspiring way giving lectures. Sometimes his writings on the board, or on my student’s guide, could be even more informative and complex than those written on class. Perhaps my courage and interest of business is enhanced by his effort of help, and through which I activate my full effort and focus, gaining the Effort Prize.

It is letters like this which make us smile, and look forward all the more to Summer School 2018.
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