Roots IVY Scholars 2017

Oxford Royale Summer Schools is pleased to announce the winners of the exclusive Roots IVY International Schools scholarship programme.

Roots IVY

Each year Oxford Royale Summer Schools runs a scholarship programme designed to support high-achieving students, from every corner of the world, in their ambitions to study abroad.  Every year as part of this programme, we receive a large number of applications from students at Roots IVY International Schools and we are consistently impressed by the high standard of the applications we see. We want to welcome as many students as possible to study with us, so this year we are delighted to announce a scholarship programme dedicated solely to students at Roots IVY International Schools.
We extend our congratulations to the following students and look forward to welcoming them to Oxford in the summer.


Aryesha – Broadening Horizons
It was a moment of immense joy when I got to know about my acceptance to ORA on Scholarship. I am eternally grateful to my school for this amazing opportunity to study Psychology at this esteemed university. Visiting Oxford is a dream come true and I am really looking forward to it. I am extremely thankful to everyone who supported me in this journey to achieve my goals. I will try my level best to maintain my performance and will always aim to reach higher goals and realise my greater ambitions.


Haya – Broadening Horizons

Just one twist of fate, one dream coming true and things start falling into perspective! I consider myself fortunate enough to be awarded the prestigious scholarship to Oxford Royale Summer Schools. With the right amount of passion and hard work, I believe I am on the right track to achieve my goals. And all this would never have been possible without the support of my teachers and parents. Thank you Roots IVY and ORA for providing this opportunity!


Muhammad Raahim

Muhammad Raahim – Broadening Horizons
I am ecstatic to share that I have received 100% scholarship from the highly esteemed Oxford Royale Summer Schools! Thank you Roots IVY for providing me endless opportunities to learn and grow. I’m forever thankful to everyone who has made this possible for me thank you Roots IVY for always guiding me to the right path and aiding me in paving this road to achieve one of the biggest goals of my life. I can’t wait to explore the charms of Oxford and experience the most happening summer of my life. I look forward to the study sessions as well as the opportunity to make friends from around the world.


Mahnoor – Broadening Horizons

It’s an amazing feeling to finally see your dreams falling into place. This was exactly what it felt like when I was given the news of being awarded the scholarship to Oxford Royale Summer Schools. I knew this was the first step for me to achieve all the goals I had set for myself. To go to Oxford on a scholarship is something I only dreamed of but thanks to my teachers and counsellors, it’s one that has come true. This is an amazing opportunity to help me shape my future and I am extremely grateful for it.



Myra – New Perspectives

I was absolutely thrilled when I heard about the full scholarship I had received for Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s summer programme. I would never, in my wildest dreams, have imagined that I would one day have the opportunity to experience Oxford. I believe the summer programme at ORA will help me get international educational experience, plus the opportunity to interact with students from around the world. I am truly grateful to my teachers, parents and everybody else who has helped me to achieve this goal in my life.


Rida – Law School Preparation

Gratitude, humbleness and excitement were my feelings when late evening I got news of my enrolment in Oxford Royale Summer Schools Summer School at full scholarship. I’m grateful to Almighty and super excitedly looking forward to two weeks of law school preparation at Oxford. This is like a dream coming true. At ORA, by experiencing diversity and exposure and practising the skills necessary to prepare for Law School, I will move an important step forward towards achievement of my mission. My inspiration for my future plans is based on my observations and feelings about sufferings and struggle of marginalised communities in Pakistan for access to justice, information and fundamental rights. Since, I aspire to be a major contributor for improvements in legislation and justice system through research based evidence by becoming a renowned Barrister, so this opportunity at very early stage is like really setting the path straight.

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