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Educators, Teachers and Group Leaders

Educators, Teachers and Group Leaders

Oxford Royale Academy welcomes academic institutions from around the world to book their students onto our award-winning and inspirational summer programmes. Our dedicated Partnerships team can provide advice and guidance on the ideal programme for your group or individual students, and practical support throughout the process.

Choose Oxford Royale Academy for a rounded educational experience

Learning beyond the classroom

At Oxford Royale Academy, we recognise the importance placed by schools and colleges on enrichment outside the classroom. Travelling and learning with students from across the globe adds a huge amount of value to any individual, with many returning home well-prepared for the next stage in their academic career. Students from the ages of 8 through to 19 and beyond will have the opportunity to grow academically with ORA, participate in cultural enrichment, make international friends and experience university life on one of our prestigious campuses.

Fully supported by our staff

Oxford Royale Academy has a dedicated team to provide teachers and educational group leaders with full support, from your initial enquiry all the way through to post-attendance feedback. Our team can provide information for you to share with your students and their parents, come and visit your school to run informational workshops, or run bespoke webinars on relevant topics.

Outstanding summer venues

From walking through the prestigious halls of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, to studying in Scotland’s oldest university, living life as a student in London or even experiencing an Ivy League university in the States, there is a plethora of both academic and cultural benefits for students attending one of ORA’s Summer Schools.

Access to unparalleled opportunities

For many, the leap from secondary to higher education can be a daunting one. Not only is there the academic bridge to cross, but also a social one. Students who are 16 years and older will can experience what it is like to live and study in top-tier university settings, and they will also receive invaluable insight into what will be required to apply to the world’s most prestigious universities.

Oxford’s most diverse summer school

By having such a diverse cohort of students attending ORA’s summer schools, your students will have the opportunity to learn about other cultures, and learn to respect and accept those who may have a different background to themselves; this is a crucial element to a successful university experience. Most importantly, students will have the chance to try their hand at the subjects they intend to pursue at university level; this gives the insight required to decide whether or not their chosen subject is for them.

For more information about how we can help you make a group booking for Summer 2021 please feel free to email our Partnerships team: [email protected]

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Summer courses inspired by the world-famous universities and academic institutions.

In 2021, Oxford Royale Summer Schools will be running Summer School programmes in the UK’s top three universities – the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and Imperial College London – as well as other prestigious academic centres throughout the UK and the US.

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