Do you have it in you to be a political leader of tomorrow?

It’s a politically unstable world out there. Perhaps as a result, teenagers and young people are showing an increasing desire to learn more about their political rights and responsibilities.
You may not yet have had the opportunity to vote in a local or general election, but you’re still keen to understand the motivations behind different political ideologies and the parties which seek to implement them. You love nothing more than an impassioned conversation over the dinner table, and are prepared to listen to the points of others – although you’re not afraid to refute them where necessary. Perhaps you’re a member of your school council or debating society, or hold a senior student position such as head boy or girl.
If this sounds like you, then you may already be considering a career in politics or international relations. Events such as this week’s US election result demonstrate that many are feeling marginalised or frustrated by the current political climate, and the power lies in the hands of the next generation to address these concerns over the coming years. Here at ORA, our students have never been afraid to campaign for change within their own communities, and each year we welcome students aged 13+ onto a range of courses which seek to improve knowledge of the global political community whilst building confidence for future leadership roles. If you’re keen to join them in 2017 then you might consider our Global Leadership Programme, or take on Political Science and International Relations as one of your tailored Broadening Horizons or New Perspectives options.
In the meantime, you may like to take some inspiration from a little closer to home: we recently published an article on 7 Rulers of Countries Who Studied at Oxford – perhaps walking the same streets as these illustrious figures might help you feel that much more ready to take on the world in 2017!
image credits: world map