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Oxford Royale is one of the UK's leading providers of international summer schools and year-round university preparation programmes. Oxford Royale is one of the UK's leading providers of international summer schools and year-round university preparation programmes.

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Hungary Country flag


  • Course: Oxford Summer School
  • Location: Oxford

“I attended Oxford Royale Academy, where I was inspired by guest speaker Ivan Beckley on the subject of good old-fashioned hard work being the catalyst for achieving goals.”

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Argentina Country flag


  • Course: Yale Summer School
  • Location: Yale

It gave me the opportunity to improve my confidence. I would recommend this course at Yale to anyone!

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Greece Country flag


  • Course: New Perspectives, Introduction to Law, Law School Preparation
  • Location: Oxford and Cambridge

“Year after year the allure of ORA has pulled me back. I met many different people during my first two weeks in ORA, from different cultures and backgrounds.”

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Indonesia Country flag


  • Course: Business & Enterprise, Public Speaking
  • Location: Oxford

“I decided to return because I fell in love with Oxford, the gardens, the old buildings, the good books…”

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USA Country flag


  • Course: Future Filmmakers Gap Year Course
  • Location: Oxford

“I contacted a previous student, who said the course was great, so I decided to give it a shot. I will always remember the good times I had here at Yarnton Manor”

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Qatar Country flag


  • Course: Medicine Gap Year Course
  • Location: Oxford

“I found the ORA gap year course online, saved the link as ‘life saving course.’ What I needed the most was help with my UCAS application, but I also wanted to challenge myself intellectually and learn new things.”

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Maldives Country flag


  • Course: Introduction to Engineering
  • Location: Oxford

“This summer school has taught me many things, including the basics of engineering, which will most definitely help me in my future – academically and professionally.”

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Sudan Country flag


  • Course: Engineering Preparation
  • Location: Oxford

“Oxford Royale Academy creates a small family-like community that makes everyone feel welcome and cared for. All in all, my experience at ORA is something that I will always remember and be grateful for.”

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Laos Country flag


  • Course: IELTS Preparation
  • Location: Oxford

“I gained so much knowledge and experience from this trip; it showed me things that are totally different to my home country. Now I’m very interested in studying at a UK university in the future.”

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Zambia Country flag


  • Course: Law School Preparation
  • Location: Oxford

“This experience was life-changing in so many good ways. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realise that ‘the world is my oyster’. I highly recommend this program to students who would like a memorable international experience without limits.”

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