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St Andrews – Excursions & Trips

The town of St Andrews offers a picturesque academic retreat for summer school students. Alongside aspects of traditional British culture, St Andrews provides exciting excursions and a range of nearby tourist attractions for students to visit.
Please note that these are example excursions, which may change from year to year and vary according to age group.

St Andrews Aquarium

St Andrews Aquarium is located by the sea and overlooks the stunning West Sands beach. This centre is home to many aquatic species, such as reef sharks, seahorses, seals, lionfish and more. There are also a few non-aquatic creatures in residence, including penguins, reptiles, spiders and meerkats. For the aquatically inclined, the Aquarium provides a fascinating and informative excursion.

West Sands Beach & Stunning Scenery

The broad expanse of West Sands beach, fringed with tall grasses that wave in the breeze, is perfect for an early walk on a sunny morning. The beach lies close to St Andrews and provides a wonderful setting for students and locals alike to absorb natural inspiration and fresh air.

There are plenty of stunning and interesting locations around St Andrews. Lady Braes Walk is a 1 ½ mile route alongside the site of a ruined medieval mill, whilst Blackfriars Chapel presents the haunting ruins of a medieval monastery. The beautiful remains of St Andrews Castle and the Cathedral make ideal spots for historical fanatics, whilst the Chapel of St Mary of the Rock, supposedly once home to the relics of St Andrew, is perfect for those seeking solace.


St Andrews is just unfer 2 hours away from the beautiful capital city of Scotland: Edinburgh. Students may have the opportunity to visit this medieval city and experience all the culture it has to offer. From the imposing Castle and exotic Edinburgh Zoo to the Queen's Scottish residence at Holyroodhouse and the National Museum, the city offers visitors a wealth of cultural opportunity.

The Byre Theatre

This small theatre in St Andrews is home to everything from touring productions to student-led amateur drama shows. With a 216 seat auditorium and a 100 seat studio theatre, it always has something interesting on the billing. From drama and comedy to tragedy and opera, the theatre is bound to have something to captivate even the fussiest of theatre-goers.

Golf and Sports

Scotland is known as the birthplace of golf and St Andrews' ties to the famous sport are no less impressive. With the game supposedly originating on the Links, St Andrews offers visitors the chance to participate in a fun game of golf in a renowned place, regardless of sporting ability. With stunning views over the Scottish countryside and the town of St Andrews, the Links provide the perfect setting to refine golfing skills whilst gazing over the beautiful Scottish landscape.

Within the town of St Andrews, there are a variety of other sporting facilities, including the canoe club, the junior football team, the Madras rugby club, the tennis club and the university sports centre. If golf doesn't appeal, there's bound to be another sport to interest visitors.

Scottish Deer Centre & Botanic Gardens

The Scottish Deer Centre plays host to 14 species of deer from around the world, as well as brown bears, otters, rare wildcats and Scotland’s only wolf pack. Wolves died out in Scotland towards the end of the 18th-century, so it is wonderful to see the pack explore what was once their ancestors’ natural habitat.

For those seeking more flora than fauna, the St Andrews Botanic Gardens are an amazing place to relax and unwind. With over 8000 species of exotic plants and a butterfly house, visitors are treated to vibrant splashes of colour and scents on their visit.

Image credit: Aquarium; Golfer; Deer; Edinburgh.