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London – Enrichment Activities

Throughout students' time on the London Summer School, they will enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities and events to further their academic studies and cultural experiences.
Please note that these are example enrichment activities, which may change from year to year and vary according to age group and locations.

CSI Masterclass

Hazmat suits, goggles and gloves await those brave enough to join the CSI Masterclass. Passing the alarming yellow tape, students must explore the scene of a (fake) crime and scour it for clues, before they test their analytical skills in the lab. Dusting for prints, bagging evidence and even constructing a facial composite to hunt down the criminal, every aspect of crime scene investigation is explored. A series of high-tech equipment aids the detectives on their way, including laptops and moulding material, giving them the best chance of apprehending the suspect.

Fan-powered Cars

Those with an interest in engineering or desire to create functioning technological vehicles love the fan-powered car workshop. Each student is given a kit that includes everything they need to construct their cars. With help from the teacher, the vehicles come to life and are pieced together to produce a functioning, fan-powered car!

Soap Science

The chance to understand the chemistry involved in making soap is offered via the Soap Science Masterclass. Students are initially taught about the scientific processes involved with making soap, before grabbing some gloves and trying the process for themselves. Exciting shapes and colours are available, so students can personalise their bars of soap. When they finish, the soap is given to the students to keep, or even take home for a gift.

Stock Market Challenge

A fully-immersive and exhilarating workshop, the Stock Market Challenge introduces students to the fast-paced world of trading in a fun and dynamic environment. Teams are given a selection of stocks and shares, which they must trade with each other as they aim to make a profit. A fluctuating board at the front of the room notes the changing prices of the stocks, encouraging students to quickly make their trades before the market turns against them. It is an informative and entertaining way to teach students about the complex world of trade.

Sample Timetable

All academic lessons are supplemented with a wide range of enrichment and leisure activities to further students' educational and cultural experiences during their time with Oxford Royale Academy. View our interactive timetables by clicking on the thumbnail below to learn more about what's included in an ORA summer programme.