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Tech and Coding Summer School in Cambridge

Tech and Coding Summer School in Cambridge

Technology is changing the world around us every day. Studying with Oxford Royale Academy in Cambridge means studying in the heart of a leading centre for tech in the UK.

Study in one of Britain’s leading technological hubs

Cambridge sits in the middle of what’s been dubbed the Silicon Fen, a grouping of tech companies from start-ups to massive multinationals like Arm, whose processors are used in a significant proportion of all laptops, tablets and smartphones used worldwide.

If you join us here in Cambridge, you’ll have the opportunity to study in the buzzing atmosphere of a city that has produced so many exciting new tech companies and that remains at the heart of a tech boom. What’s more, you’ll get an introduction to the skills you’d need to work for companies like these in future, or maybe even found the next big start-up yourself. Join us in Cambridge to discover what studying Tech and Coding could help you to achieve.

Tech and Coding courses in Cambridge

At Oxford Royale Academy’s Tech and Coding Summer School, you can get to grips with the amazing world of tech, from the principles that underpin it, to practical skills such as writing your own code and building your own robot.


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Understand the hardware and software underpinning modern technology

How often do you find yourself treating your smartphone or other technology like it’s magic? You don’t know how it works; you just accept that it does.

With Oxford Royale Academy’s Tech and Coding programmes, you can unravel the mystery and learn exactly how our tech gadgets work, from the scientific principles underpinning them, to the hardware used to build them, to the code that runs on them.

The insights you’ll gain won’t just be valuable for your future academic work and career, but will also give you a much deeper understanding of the technology that affects so much of our lives.

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Find out more about careers in tech

It’s clear that getting to grips with tech and coding can significantly boost your career prospects. But it’s not the case that you can write an app and just wait for the money to roll in.

Oxford Royale Academy’s expert teaching staff can talk you through possible careers in tech and how you can access them, whether you’d like to be an employee at a tech company (or the tech guru elsewhere), or whether you have dreams of founding your own start-up. By the end of your time with us, you’ll have a good idea of the next steps to take towards your ideal career in tech.

Explore where future technology might lead us

The pace of technological change seems unlikely to slow down. At our summer school, you’ll find out what’s happening at the cutting-edge of tech, and have the opportunity to discuss what you think future technology might look like – and what consequences that could have for our society.

If you’re excited – or nervous – about what a world with enhanced facial recognition, sophisticated deepfake technology and even artificial intelligence might look like, you’ll get to debate this with your peers from all across the world, enhancing your debating skills and enabling you to learn more about what future technology could do.

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Enhance your understanding with hands-on activities

Your time studying Tech and Coding with Oxford Royale Academy won’t just leave you more knowledgeable about the theory behind modern tech – you’ll also gain plenty of practical skills with us. That could be building and programming your own robot, making your own app, designing your own game or learning how to write in several programming languages, to make an interactive website.

Across all programmes, there’s an emphasis on hands-on, interactive learning. This helps students develop new skills, engages different learning styles, encourages team working and, above all, is a fun and interesting way to learn.

tour of cambridge

Get to know the wonderful city of Cambridge

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore the amazing city of Cambridge if you study here with Oxford Royale Academy. Our students have the chance to get to know the city, both through organised tours, and by going out into the city in small groups in their spare time, whether that’s to admire the beautiful architecture, take selfies or hit the shops.

Activities and excursions also let you get to know the surrounding area, so you can explore British culture and history as a break from the classroom. And if you’re considering going to university in this amazing city, studying here with Oxford Royale Academy is the perfect introduction.

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“I learnt a lot from my academic immersion at ORA, not just about the topics of my selected courses, but also how to organise and express my thoughts in the most effective way.”

- Livia, Italy

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“The two weeks I spent at ORA were a whirlwind of exciting activities, intense learning and unforgettable experiences!”

- Oshea, Sri Lanka

“This was one of the best academic experiences in my life.”

- Dennis, Sierra Leone

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