Fascinating Workshops and Exciting Activities for ORA Students

We have so many exciting activities planned at ORA this summer that we did not have time to write about all of them individually before the summer school starts in just 14 days!

Image shows two people silhouetted against the sunset, practising capoeira.
Capoeira in Brazil.

We are therefore going to share the rest of our plans in two parts – today we’ll be running through the exciting interactive workshops that students from various different campuses and in various different sessions will enjoy, whereas next week we’ll reveal the remainder of the activities that will be on offer. Please note that not all students will do all the activities – there wouldn’t be enough time! We have ensured that every student will have plenty to enjoy.
Kicking off the summer will be our highly interactive karate workshop, in which all ability levels will be accommodated, from complete beginners to black belts. The martial arts theme will continue with Capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts dance that blends dance, acrobatics and self-defence, practised to traditional Brazilian music – it’s a fascinating combination of different elements that students are sure to find exhilarating.
On the subject of music, there will also be an African drumming workshop, in which students in a drum circle will start with simple rhythms and then advance to more complicated rhythmic effects.

Image shows a young man juggling five bright red balls.
You’ll get the chance to learn how to juggle.

Performance-based workshops will also be on offer: the fantastic Bezerkaz circus troupe will teach circus skills and tricks including juggling, plate-spinning and diabolo, rounded off with a bubble show. Squire Theatre will be teaching stage combat skills: how to have a stage fight safely, including not only unarmed combat but also how to fight with swords!
Moving on from simulated fights to hitting real targets, students will get the chance to learn archery in the safe environment of Jowett Walk Field, where qualified instructors will talk them through archery practice and safety before letting them try out their Robin Hood skills for themselves.
But ORA’s summer workshops aren’t all going to be about physical skills; students will have the opportunity to exercise their mental faculties outside the classroom. There will be an architecture workshop in which students will try to build a stable structure that can be up to 3m high, using their problem-solving skills to the max.
Finally, students can try out their financial and business acumen in our stock market challenge. With a simulated trading floor, students will get to compete to see who can make the smartest deals and earn the most money by the end of the session.
Do you want to join us for an activity-packed fortnight this summer? Spaces are filling up very quickly and time is of the essence – browse our courses and secure your place today! ➙
Image credits: capoeira; juggler.