Woburn Safari Park – New for 2014!

As announced in last weekend’s news piece, another of ORA’s brand-new trips for 2014 will be a visit to Woburn Safari Park.

Image shows a lynx at Woburn Safari Park, partly obscured by foliage.
A lynx at Woburn Safari Park – Image credit

This is the other exciting half of the day trip to Woburn Abbey for 16-18 year old students at St Catherine’s and Lady Margaret Hall. A safari park is not like a zoo – here, the animals roam free while visitors drive through their enclosures to see them. ORA students will be in full comfort (and safety!) aboard an air-conditioned coach, and will also have a guide to the park as part of the VIP experience.
Among the animals at Woburn Safari park are white rhinos, zebras, elephants, lions, tigers, wolves, black bears and a whole host of different types of monkey. The safari park has an extensive breeding program, breeding Africa’s most endangered large mammal, the Mountain Bongo, as well as the highly endangered Rothschild Giraffe. Woburn is one of the very few places where visitors can see a Drill – the rarest primate in Africa – and the Vietnamese Sika Deer, which is unfortunately extinct in the wild.
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Giraffe image credit.