The Queen’s College – a new centre for summer 2016!

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new location for our Oxford Summer School 2016: The Queen’s College, Oxford.
The college, known affectionately as “Queen’s”, will be home to a number of Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s courses for 16-18 year olds – Broadening Horizons, the Global Leadership Programme, the Oxford Enterprise Programme and our Engineering Preparation course. Located on the High Street in the centre of Oxford, ORA students based at The Queen’s College will have easy access to all that Oxford has to offer, and can enjoy a range of activities from sunny walks in Christ Church Meadow, to wandering through historic streets admiring the impressive architecture and visiting famous museums such as The Ashmolean.
The Queens College with Lawn
Founded in 1341 by Robert de Eglesfield, The Queen’s College is named after Queen Phillippa of Hainault, the wife of King Edward III. It is a popular college in the centre of Oxford with a long-standing strong academic reputation, and is well known for its notable musical and sporting activities. Predominantly recognised for its neoclassical architecture, the buildings of The Queen’s College were rebuilt in the 18th century, although some of the original Medieval foundations still remain.
Historically, The Queen’s College had strong affiliations with the North of England, once favouring students from Yorkshire, Westmorland and Cumberland. Now, however, Queen’s welcomes exceptional academic students from all origins. One of the most famous traditional feasts at The Queen’s College is the Boar’s Head Gaudy, which welcomes old members of the college to dine together on the Saturday before Christmas.
Notable alumni of The Queen’s College include the astronomers Edwin Hubble and Edmund Halley, the neurologist Oliver Sacks, comedian Rowan Atkinson and, last but not least, King Henry V of England.
We look forward to welcoming Oxford Royale Summer Schools students to The Queen’s College in 2016!
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