The 5 Best Things About the Teaching at Oxford Royale Summer Schools

1. All courses place great emphasis on discussion, debate and student contributions; there’s no such thing as dull rote learning at Oxford Royale Summer Schools.
Image shows a row of ORa students.
2. The huge diversity of people from different countries and cultures means that you won’t get a monocultural viewpoint, but will get to learn from the experiences of people from all around the globe.
Image shows ORA students.
3. We have access to fantastic University of Oxford facilities, from medical school resources to the amazing Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museums.
Image shows ORA students using medical equipment.
4. More than 70% of the teachers at Oxford Royale Summer Schools have been educated at or worked for Oxford or Cambridge Universities – the two best universities in the UK and two of the very best universities in the world.
Image shows an ORA teacher in an oak-panelled classroom.
5. Teaching is inspired by the rigorous, academic and challenging Oxford tutorial tradition, which is acknowledged as one of the most effective teaching styles ever invented.
Image shows Radcliffe Square.
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