Student Makes Bid For Scrabble World Record

A 29 year old student from the University of Oxford is thought to have broken the Guinness World Record for playing the greatest number of Scrabble games simultaneously!
Musicology student Chris May beat the current world record of 25 simultaneous games played set in 2007 by Ganesh Asirvatham by playing 28 games each against a different opponent at the same time. Astonishingly, he won 25 out of the 28 games in little over four hours.
May described the experience as exhausting, adding ”It’s not something I’m falling over myself to do again”.
The Guinness World Records will now view independant reports, images and video footage to verify whether the record has been broken.
The event was organised to raise money for a charity based in the Oxfordshire town of Bicester called ARCh. The charity recruit and train volunteers to help children who have problems with reading. So far the event has raised more than £1000 for the cause.