Confirmed for 2014 – the spookiest walking tour in Oxford!

Do you believe in ghosts? If you don’t, Bill Spectre’s Ghost Trail might change your mind.

Image shows Queen's Lane in Oxford at night.
Queen’s Lane, Oxford – Image credit

For students aged 13-15 years at ORA this summer, there’s a splendid and creepy way to explore the city. This walking tour takes you through the hidden history of Oxford – from the ghosts of the Oxford Martyrs returning after their death, to the alleged appearance of the Devil himself at the Brasenose Hellfire Club.
Whether you’re interested in Oxford’s history or you just love spooky stories, this is a great way to spend a summer evening, with the fading light of dusk illuminating ancient stones, guided by an expert on the supernatural dressed as a Victorian undertaker. Believers and sceptics alike will find something to enjoy, such as the props and illusions used to make the ghost stories come to life.
Oxford was first settled in 900 AD, and the university has been established for around three quarters of a century, so there’s certainly no shortage of stories here.
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