Party Themes Announced for 2016!

2014 Hawaiian party group of girls
Here are just some of the glamorous themes on the agenda for summer 2016…
Some are back by popular demand, while others are brand new for 2016. We take our parties seriously here at ORA, and love providing our students with the swishest locations every Friday: from the world-renowned Randolph Hotel to the Ashmolean Museum, we can guarantee you a night to remember!

Alice in Wonderland

1618 2013 Alice in Wonderland party
Where: Yarnton Manor
Who: St. Catherine’s session 3; Balliol and Yarnton session 5


Where: The Randolph Hotel
Who: Yarnton session 2; Balliol and Yarnton session 3; St. Peter’s and Jowett session 4

British Carnival

Where: Oxford Town Hall and Kingston Bagpuize House
Who: St. Catherine’s and Queen’s session 3; Balliol, St. Catherine’s, Queen’s, and Yarnton session 5


Where: The Randolph Hotel
Who: St. Peter’s and Jowett session 3; Queen’s and Yarnton session 4; St. Peter’s and St. Hugh’s session 5

Night at the Museum

Ashmolean 3
Where: The Ashmolean Museum
Who: Lady Margaret Hall and St. Hugh’s session 3

Is your campus not listed? Don’t worry; we will be announcing plenty more parties and locations over the coming weeks!

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