Oxford Scientists Renew Spider Silk Investigations

Scientists at the University of Oxford are renewing efforts to discover how spiders make their silk. A research group known as the Oxford Silk Group led by Professor Fitz Vollrath have been working on the study of spider silk for 15 years. There is an enormous interest in spider silk for its molecular properties make it one of the strongest materials on the planet. It is stronger by mass than steel and has greater durability and flexibility than Kevlar.
The discovery of spider silk’s molecular properties has the potential to be of enormous benefit on a commercial scale through a host of different medical applications, which make its study highly sought after. Vollrath and his team are investigating its use to help grow tissues of the heart and other tissue regeneration practices. They hope that one day silk can be employed to regenerate tissue of the nervous system, even repair major spinal cord injuries.
To read a full interview with Professor Fitz Vollrath on this fascinating subject, read this article by Tim Adams of The Observer at: https://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2013/jan/12/fritz-vollrath-spiders-tim-adams
To find out more about the research of The Oxford Silk Group see here: https://users.ox.ac.uk/~abrg/spider_site/index.html