Oxford in Autumn

Here at Oxford Royale Summer Schools, we love the feeling of a summer’s day in Oxford.
It’s all about punting lazily down the Cherwell, or playing a game of croquet with a glass of ice-cold cloudy lemonade and perhaps some strawberries for later on. But with the days shortening and the leaves turning bright colours and floating to the ground, we’re now reminded quite how lovely Oxford is at all times of year. Here’s a taster of autumn in Oxford.
In the UK, we’ve put the clocks back an hour to give us more sunlight in the mornings. That means misty early-morning walks through Christ Church Meadow.
Image shows Christ Church meadow wreathed in mist in the early morning.
But it also means lamp-lit strolls under the Bridge of Sighs and down Queen’s Lane as the early nights draw in.
Image shows the Bridge of Sighs at night.
The students – wrapped up warm – have been back at college for a while, and even the brand-new Freshers are starting to get used to the Oxford lifestyle.
Image shows a student in a warm coat with a gown over the top, cycling.
While Oxford in summer is lovely and picturesque, Oxford in autumn is atmospheric and filled with remarkable colours.
Image shows an Oxford canal at sunset.
So even though we miss the bright sunshine and the lingering warmth of the day lasting until ten o’clock at night or later, there’s still nowhere we’d rather be.
Image shows All Souls in the mist.
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Image credits: Christ Church Meadow; Bridge of Sighs; student; canal; All Souls.